Friday, 3 December 2010

College Days

Since September I have been at college and don't they say that your college days are your happiest? But I am not sure that happiness is not attributable to plenty of indulgence, partying and general mayhem rather than being in an institution of learning, growth and potential opportunity. You can tell I am old and I am certainly the oldest in our class and in our department. And that probably includes the teachers too!

Over lunch yesterday I was asked by one of the youngest in our class of mature students (about 21 years old) what made me decide to become a beauty therapist and I regaled her with my mid life crisis at the beginning of this year and my complete career change. As part of that I spoke about how I felt so much better about how I looked for the very first time in my life and these very big tears pricked my eyes with appreciation. Big hugs were dished out to me and then I continued to tell how each of my friends had helped. This young person seemed so very interested in me and my business experience and shared what she wanted to do. It was amazing. And to think once upon a time I would have dismissed a beauty therapist as a bit of a bimbo airhead. Maybe I could joke and say maybe that is what I am but actually we learn so much and will be tested to the nth degree and must pass everything either 100% or pretty much up there. They have changed the standards this year to raise them so it is new territory for all the teachers and as such we have much more homework than I ever anticipated. Oh the joys of college life and fitting it in around running a home and a new business. But I would not change it for anything.


Anji said...

That is interesting. Someone told me that you should make an effort to have friends from every generation.

I've been talking to hairdressers recently and following a beauty blog and now I realise just how much they take the responsability of helping women to make the best of themselves. From my teaching days I learned how much chemistry you need to know nowadays to use some of the products safely.

Bimbo airhead?- I think not.

Dom has mixed with a few mature students and was fascinated to see how they tackled problems from a more experienced angle. I think that, as she was away from home for the first time, she also appreciated having 'adults' around too.

Debbie K said...

Dear Doris
True beauty comes from within.
I feel sure you are going to be a great success at your new carer as you have a wonderful gift for helping people feel so much better about themselves.
((((((warm hugs))))
Debbie x

Doris said...

A friend of mine who is a teacher of some 25 years told me that she thinks being with the young students keeps her young.

I read on your blog about Dom's interest in Artificial Intelligence - I just want to share that on one of our coffee mug's it says, "Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity"!

Debbie - it is my aim to help my clients feel great about themselves and quite often see that I actually do help! What an amazing profession this is :-)

Diane said...

I'm sure this is a matter of differing titles, but what is a beauty therapist? (Just saw Anji's comment & it may be a hairdresser?)

It's refreshing that you & this young woman had such a heartfelt conversation.
You are really doing this 31 days of blogging, Doris, and I'm so glad!

Doris said...

Hi Diane :-) I think a similar term in the US is an esthetician but even that I do not think is right as we do not do hair, nor am I yet at the level for doing laser or electrolysis. I would also admit that it is much easier in the UK to get this qualification in terms of the courses available and one does not have to do a three year full time course. I am qualified in giving facials, eye treatments (such as brow/lash tinting and shaping), waxing, manicure and pedicure, Swedish massage, and soon to qualify in make-up application and advice. In short, I am already qualified and operating but gone back to college to get this level of qualification

So I do seem to be doing the blogging thing for this month!