Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Crunching snow underfoot

It is official. Christmas is here and the sort of run up to Christmas that I dream of ... walking down a real British High Street in and out of little shops with snow crunching underfoot, icicles growing wondrously down the side of a drain pipe, a bird flitting from branch to branch knocking powdery dry snow from the overladen branches, and me with my little list of recipes for the big event, all organised and feeling more in hand now. The vegetables are yet to be purchased and just one or two more things. Sadly, I have neglected friends and family that are not here and do not feel good about that, but I can only cope with so much. At least this bit that I am doing I feel calm about and that the days will be well enjoyed.

The BBC news site carried a relevant article today about the competition over the Christmas cooking and I would have to admit that although I do not feel in competition, there is certainly a feeling of achievement concerning pulling off a meal for 13 people that is well timed, well constructed, delicious and presses all the right buttons. Gilding a turkey is a tad too far but it did make me laugh rather than feel righteous indignation over the perceived cost of it or its ostentatiousness. If I had a spare book of gold leaf at £4 I'm sure I would have had fun gilding a pudding or some sausages. I just don't fancy eating such a concoction.


Anji said...

Fortunately, living in another country I don't have to worry too much about competition. I just do my best and we enjoy ourselves together, which is the main part. I've heard of gold leaf being used to decorate expensive chocolates

Anji said...

Merry Christmas!

Anji said...

Wishing you a Happy Easter too!!

Hope that life is treating you well.

Doris said...

Awww. Thank you Anji. :-)

Post coming up. xxx