Thursday, 16 December 2010


That is another exam ticked off and one more tomorrow.

The cranberry sauce was made and frozen the other day from fresh cranberries on special offer. Today, the slightly stale loaf of white bread bought at a fraction, has been made into the bread sauce also to go into the freezer. Small details but less to think about come the big day, which in this household will be on Boxing Day with about thirteen of us around the table. Christmas Day will be a simpler affair. The advent calenders are looking good with Father Christmas grotto looking busy and the stable scene is filling up. Large plump flakes of snow fell hard and fast this afternoon but the recent rain and the not quite low enough temperatures ensured it did not stay. Fingers crossed that we do not have sheets of ice on the roads tomorrow morning.


Anji said...

You are much better organised than I am. Last exams for me tomorrow, but from the other side of the desk.

good luck

Doris said...

LOL Anji! I suppose it was your comment too that prompted my latest post :-D I've now bought the turkey too and it is in the freezer but still so much that has not been done! But yes, I have managed to organise a few things.

Yaaaay - it is the weekend and exams for both of us, from both sides of the desk, are done. I will have more exams throughout the next months but then no major exams at the end so it could not be made any easier. xxx