Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Crucifying Carols

There is a charming medieval-rebuilt-in-the-1800s parish church in the centre of our town. A setting fit for wonderful marriages, festive Thanksgivings, and the annual Christmas concert from one of the town's secondary schools. But not the school traditionally known for its musical excellence and as such we were treated to an ear bleeding array of concert pieces, bands and choirs. Some of it was alright but most was definitely not. And I am not even a music snob and will applaud a brick wall if it was trying to make an effort. I'd go again next year in order to support and encourage but I think I might gird my loins with a snifter of something a bit strong.

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Anji said...

Having been in a school orchestra myself I know how difficult it is to make a decent sound - after all, everyone has heard recordings made by the best orchestras.

Thanks for making the effort for them