Friday, 10 December 2010


This afternoon we have our first exam which shouldn't be too difficult in the scheme of things but are still an unknown beast. Before that, we will have busy salon conditions to which I have been asked to be salon manager for which I will be assessed. There will be lots of assessments going on so it is not as if everyone will be watched every second but just generally, and specifically on occasion. I am looking forward to getting things signed off for my coursework as there is so much more to to do. Perhaps a tad nervous about the exam but it should be fine.

Does this sound like December?


Anji said...

We have lots of exams in December here Next week I'll be spending 4 mornings watching over the students. So it sounds like December to me.

Am I too late to wish you good luck? I hope that the morning is going well for you. Good luck for this afternoon. I'll be sending you positive vibrations.

Debbie K said...

I hope all has gone well with your exam. You always seem top of the class to me.
Debbie x

Doris said...

Thanks Anji - it is not brain surgery and I should have passed now that I have done it and seen what it was like. What amazes me was that the two youngest left the class, which we were free to do once we had finished, within 12 to 15 minutes of starting! I can not see how they had the chance to read all the questions properly let alone go over it all again to be sure. I drifted it out to 30 minutes though we had an hour to do it in. These exams in December are new to me but sounds like old hat to you. Thanks again for your vibes and I hope your invigilation goes a bit easier.

Awww Debbie - you schmoozer you ;-)