Thursday, 2 December 2010

Writing from the heart

It is just after six thirty in the morning sat here having just showered and with my porridge bubbling gently on the cooker. With half a dozen flitting ideas for topics to write about I start, stop, erase and start again. Not happy with any of it and I realise that I am trying, and when you try the words just do not flow and they can sound contrived. At least to me they do when I write like that and this morning I am trying to sound intelligent or witty or something and that never works. Writing from the heart does work for me and having not written for such a long time I remember that is the case and is the best way for me. In any case, with a tight schedule and needing to leave in less than an hour to scrape the car and to get on with the day I am rather pushing it trying to be all creative.

Breakfast is to be eaten, a flask of coffee to be made and me looking like a professional is yet to achieved. Oh yes, each day is a lovely achievement just living it.

So there we are. The second day of December and I have written again. Wahey!


Anji said...

I know exactly how you feel. My inspiration usually comes when I'm away from the keyboard.

What was behind the little door on your advent calender today?

Debbie K said...

Nothing for ages then two arrive in a matter of days.
Just like the UK bus service when we have snow!
Writing from the heart can be such great therapy.
I hope life is kind & warm to you, just like your heart.
Debbie x

Doris said...

Isn't that lovely Anji - I am like that too with inspiration for writing coming at me throughout the day. There was a guy who for an experiment and for a period of time wrote down everything he thought over a period of time. I can't imagine I would ever get on with life if I did that.

As for the Advent calenders, yesterday an angel appeared over the manger and today (Friday) a cattle is in the barn. And on the Duplo calender, yesterday Santa's helper scored a paint palette and brush and today there is a toy trolley which I remember will end up with some tools at some point.

And grrr, nearly 17 year old son just walked in and for his opening words of the day tells me it still sucks that he does not an advent calender - he definitely means one of those chocolate behind a door jobs. I feel like a failed mother!

LOL Debbie! I did say in my post I was going to try for a post a day so there might be a few more. Ain't the snow grand?! As long as you are warm and wrapped up. Take care.

Anji said...

Rob and I are sharing a chocolate advent calender, we open the doors every other day so we can share the chocolates. I bought it without thinking - and the chocolate pennies, er.. euros too.