Tuesday, 30 August 2005

I survived!

This post re-published December 2012

I survived! I survived! I survived! I survived! I survived!

Hooray, I survived!

My parents just left and I reckon I have the happiest mother in the universe. She loved her presents, really loved them it seems! She loved the fuss we made of her and overall my parents behaved themselves. My mother loved the time and effort we took helping her to get better used to her Mac and has gone off jolly-dee with a movie slide show of her birthday dinner. Something in her hot mitts to show for all the "fun" that was had. (And I have learned so much about the Mac that makes me want to stay a PC user! - but admittedly it does have some nice features.)

Both my kids excelled themselves in all areas and I'm so proud of the way they made their grandparents feel special, even though my mother was excessively rude to them at times. My daughter posed, and even over-posed for snap after snap when usually she gets upset about "having to perform". My son did a nice "Happy Birthday" thing this morning even though we did the "party" and presents last night.

A third mouse was removed live from the kitchen and there has been no action from any today. Maybe.... fingers crossed.... they are now out.

Thank you for all the encouraging and interesting messages from everyone on my last posting about parents and mice. Some interesting ways of despatching mice indeed!

And throughout it all, I even managed to do some complex work for one of my clients. I have still plenty to do so may take a nap and then start work again later tonight. I am so knackered! But happy :-)

    \"/` ___ ;___S
      º  ^^   ^^
    \"/` ___ ;___S
      º  ^^   ^^
    \"/` ___ ;___S
      º  ^^   ^^

PS. Dearest Mr Doris has booked us all to go play squash and young son has enquired whether I will be wearing that same short dress again! So much for the nap.


Cheryl said...
I bet thats how you feel too.
Hallelujah for that and multitudinous congratulations! Or something ;-)
Good for you, and hurray for everybody including the kids.
zandperl said...
Congrats! My parents are usually quite trying as well. Surprisingly, my recent trip to Cape Cod with them went quite well, I think because we were on neutral territory and it was only 3 days. :) I also gave them some gifts I got from Lancaster, PA, and London. My dad really liked the Leonardo daVinci tie I got him (from the Greenwich Observatory), which was a relief.

I currently use both Macs and PCs -- one of each at both home and work. I find both have their strengths and weaknesses, and I think most of it just boils down to what you're used to. The one advantage though that Macs have and I CANNOT stress enough is they are MUCH less vulnerable to viruses, worms, trojan horses, etc., etc. This is because less than 20% of the market has Macs, so to get the most mileage of their code, malicious hackers target Windows. There's NO getting around that simple fact.

Of course, if everyone now runs out and buys a Mac based upon this fact, things will quickly change...
DaFFy said...
Yay!! Glad the parental visit went well. I love seeing my mother, but unfortunately it can wear off pretty quickly :(
How cool are your kids, rising to the occasion like that? Well done!
/T/ said...
Good for you that everything worked out good. Yeah having your parents over is not an easy chore always. Well since they (or I) live so far away I don't have them over on a regular basis. In fact have had them over only once in the 5 years I live in the US.
Z said...
Well done and I so know that knackered feeling. Squash! I would have squashed someone ;)
ella m. said...
~pins Medal Of Spectacular Achievement on each of your family members~ Few things have the potential for trainwreck like family visits, congrats onsuviving yours with dignity and sanity intact. :D
jane said...
You sound like the dearest daughter Doris. (say THAT 10 times!) How sweet of your kids to go out of their way for your parents too. Whats your dad like? I liked Mac's cuz if they crashed, you just put a disc back in & wala, everything was back. (I think) I'm so glad you survived & thrived & I hope you had a splendid time playing squash!
Steve said...
Wow a whole weekend with the family without a major row congratulations.I can remember family xmas's in the past where it wouldnt be normal unless there was at least one fall out.On the mouse front, did you know that mice prefer chocolate to cheese, we found chocolate buttons the best.
Tagged you for a meme btw
Mama Mouse said...
How nice your mum is happy and if she is you are! But which makes you happier ... HER happiness or the happiness of having rid yourself of yet another mousey mouse? LOL

I caught one myself last night and his was dispatched today! Hope that is the end of BOTH of our mousey problems!
Ally said...
Hoorah, congratulations! Enjoy the squash!

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