Sunday, 31 March 2013

Good bye March

Thank you March for allowing me to be so special to someone at the end of their life. To plan their funeral and to carry out their wishes.

Thank you March for my beautiful husband who is always such a rock and supports me through all the things I need to do outside of the house.

Thank you March for my beautiful children who have been incredibly supportive and actually seem to like me and to some extent appreciate me. They are safe and close though I hope for their sake they are able to fly as far as they need.

Thank you March for my beautiful friends. In particular one who has held my hand through some very difficult times these past few months and has gone over and beyond. In my younger days I would never have dreamt of asking for help but I do more so now and it is amazing. Ask and ye shall receive.

Thank you March for my very kind and understanding employer. In the end she hasn't been too inconvenienced but still, she has been incredibly supportive. Enabling me to go and do what I needed without worrying and yet always a gentle pushing towards the future and being more successful. For keeping life moving forward with new training.

Thank you March for Easter! For closing on a significant number of days off work so that I am able to rest. For the clear out that this cold and sickness represents.

Here is to a glorious April with the sun shining and the new shoots of growth.


Anji said...

Sorry to read that you've been ill, especially when you had some time off.

March has been a big month for you. I hope that April brings you rest and sunshine.

We've got real sunshine here today and I went out gardening for two hours. I'm going to pay for it tomorrow...

Mad Baggage said...

Wishing you a perfect April x

Doris said...

Thanks both - here's to April :-)