Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Random game

Anji has tagged me for this game with clear instructions:

Random things about me

1. I love eating chilled condensed milk, straight from a tube

2. I have stood bail for someone once

3. I am the second cousin of a British TV presenter but I'm not saying which

4. I can drink, and enjoy, very strong alcohol

5. I have piloted a barge down the Thames and through the Thames Barrier

6. I used to be an excellent professional cook but am not now

Rules of the game …

· Link to the person who tagged you.
· Post the rules on your blog.
· Write six random things about yourself.
· Tag six random people by linking to their blogs.
· Let each of the six know they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment (on their blogs).
· Let your tagger know when your entry is up.

The victims …

1. Astryngia
2. Everywhere and Always
3. Life Laundry
4. Minerva
5. Stegbeetle
6. The Depp Effect


Anji said...

So now we know you are famous ( well sort of). I expect that you are probably still an excellent cook - without the professional bit.

Jay said...

Mmmmmm! Chilled condensed milk, straight from the tube! I didn't even know you could get it in a tube!

I've nearly been run over by a sailing barge while rowing on the Blackwater, does that count? LOL!

OK, the tag thing's up!

Jay said...

Ok, it really is up now!

alan said...

Here the condensed milk still comes in a can as well...

Quite a wide swath you cut, my friend!



Josephine said...

OK honey bunny - mine is up.

And my Page 123 thing too :-)

You are, by the way, still a fabulous cook!!


Chandira said...

Haha! Really? Cool!

Jo tagged me, so I'm off to check that out, and write mine!

rashbre said...

...what is this thing about condensed milk??? I just saw that it was also one of John Prescott's predilections? And you take it to a new level by describing it in a tube? We're talking 'Carnation?' right?

Doris said...

Tubes of Carnation condensed milk are now available in the UK. My latest one I bought in Lidl but have seen it in other supermarkets.

Previous to that one could only get the tubes in Europe and my German friends used to send me them. At other times, condensed milk in tubes has been available in camping suppliers, but not for years that I can see.

A couple of years ago I actually wrote to the condensed milk people and asked for it to be supplied in tubes just as it is in Europe but I didn't get a reply. I like to think that my letter made all the difference ;-)

I rather think John Prescott has sullied my enjoyment of condensed milk .... but not for long. Actually, if you have a swig of condensed milk before a meal it fills you up. That is the main ingredient in a certain brand of diet chew that is (or used to be) on the market. So condensed milk can be a diet aid!

Le laquet said...

Oh a TV presenter, do we get a clue at least?

And as for the condensed milk ... form an orderly queue please!!

Doris said...

Le Laquet
Ummm, sorry, no! ;-)

LOL to you all and condensed milk :-)

Anji said...

We have tubes of flavoured condensed milk here. I always refused to buy them for the children I was a wicked mum (I still am). I've finally got round to doing the book game but on my other blog