Saturday, 23 March 2013


Still doing it: early hours; late nights. Waking like it is time to get up when there are many more hours that could be threaded onto a night's sleep. Let me go. Let me sleep. In my dreams I am on a rope trying to climb a building with a very small child with the brisk wind blowing us off course and threatening our lives. Again and again I keep trying to climb the outside of the building in these treacherous conditions as if my life depends on it. Something is telling me not to worry about the child because the child knows how to do it. I am dangling on a rope. It is hard to let the child go. Somehow I know the child can do a better job than I but I want to protect. The building is unclimbed. The struggle continues and I awake.


Anji said...

I think that you need to let that child do it on their own.

We're in a similar predicament at the moment and child is making a real mess of things. Fortunately for me, I usually sleep like a log when there is a big problem - escapism or denial?

Mad Baggage said...

Its hard to stop being the hero.

Doris said...

Hi Angi - sometimes I think denial is no bad thing!!! ;-)

Hi Mad Baggage - sometimes I worry that I create situations in order to make myself somehow important ... if you see what I mean. So I have to hold on to that child and do the work for it because somehow I presume it is my role! ;-)