Friday, 22 March 2013

Snow globe

Way back a few years on a late November day I penned a tiny ditty about driving in the snow.  Here we are in late March and the snow flakes are coming down as big as any I have seen leaving blankets on all the cars. Not enough yet to  build up on the ground as it has been previously damp though I am sure it is doing a good job on settling on the hedgerows and nooks and crannies on the sides.

In just over half an hour I am due to load the car and drive to work. Then I will be in my own personalised inverted snow globe. All toasty and warm with magical whiteness falling out of the sky.

I remember once in the seventies, living in London, we had snow in June.


Anji said...

I like the poem. i like snow too, especially when I'm watching through the window snug inside. We were in Bordeaux yesterday and sat outside for lunch, the sun was warm enough for me to take my coat off!

Doris said...

Oooo your lunch in Bordeaux sans coat sounds loverly :-)