Saturday, 6 April 2013


According to a BBC article that is being read like the gospel, the UK now has seven classes. As in "Class". So of course one takes the handy online calculator because we all like a good online quiz. The end results are baffling on two fronts. One is that my husband and I are both scored as "Precariats" which is defined as: "This is the most deprived class of all with low levels of economic, cultural and social capital. The everyday lives of members of this class are precarious." And the other is, according to this "quiz", where is the financial depression swamping this country? Either there is wealth involved (income and savings) or people are taking part in activities that require money. Playing computer games apparently scores you more points - so who owns the computer or pays for the electricity supply to enable that? Going to the gym scores you more points - who pays for the gym membership?

What sort of quiz can give one the label of "Elite: This is the most privileged class in Great Britain who have high levels of all three capitals. Their high amount of economic capital sets them apart from everyone else." when you put in the highest income, house value and savings and yet score nothing for social and cultural capital. 

The old class system is antiquated and wrong and I reckon any new classification system is inherently wrong too. Leave me out of it.


Anji said...

Let's take everyone as they are!

Doris said...

Indeed Anji. I'm not sure that a classification system serves any useful purpose.

And I never did like pigeon-holing.

Mad Baggage said...

Have you noticed that the only way out of the working class is deemed to be through technology, IT et al? According to this shockingly biased new classification system, everyone else whose household draws in more than £13K and less than 37 is only young, and with rich parents (= social assets)

According to this theres the 'traditional working class' and their IT loving sons, a brand new sub-class of hot-bedding floor-sleeping immigrants and unemployed people, ... and everybody else.

I've worked it out - its a ploy to flatter the middle classes. Humph.