Sunday, 24 March 2013

Ferry Cross The Mersey

As a child in the early seventies in a faraway country I had a teacher who used to bring his guitar to school and as we did our work he would play us tunes and sing. And if one looked up from one's work and caught his eye he would wink at you with his happy bearded smile and you'd carry on working, wanting to do your best. One of the tunes he used to sing and play was Ferry Cross The Mersey and I just knew from this lyric: "'cause this land's the place I love and here I'll stay" how much I wanted to escape where I was and that I would love England.

At the end of last year I created a bucket list on which I have "Ferry Cross the Mersey" as I have never done it. I've been to Liverpool just a few times but never quite managed the ferry. Well, today is the day!!!

Since the beginning of the year, a girlfriend and I have said we would do one outing a month to places or do things we have always wanted to do. Yes it will be cold and we will need to wrap up very well indeed. We'll do the ferry first (which she has done being a Liverpool lass) on which I believe they always play that tune, then we'll go to the statues on the beach at Crosby: Another Place which I have been to before but she has not and then we'll see what time is left and if we'll fit in a Liverpool gallery that neither of us have been to.

Whoopee a day off :-D


Anji said...

I hope that you're enjoying your day out as I write. So there really is a ferry...

Doris said...

Indeed there is a ferry Anji and it was great. Though nearly a week later and my long hair is still paying the price and still matted from being wind swept! I do not know how I have managed to make it appear ok!