Sunday, 15 November 2009

Tree of life

It is the middle of November and I have put up our Christmas tree! I wouldn't have put it up quite so soon except I bumped into our lovely neighbour yesterday as I was on my way out and she was busy putting up her Christmas wreath on the front door and delightedly showed me inside to see the full compliment of her Christmas decorations and tree that she had put up. On account of being a bit bored she said! I was reminiscing about my younger days before kids when I would enjoy putting up decorations and leaving them up year round because they made me smile.

We don't have the full scale thing yet, but I have changed the dining table round to change the dynamics of meal times, and installed our stylish lit twigs adorned with tiny baubles and glass snowflakes. The latter I had stored from Christmases past but otherwise we have had to start again in our new home. A world of new possibilities.

The latest episode of Dr Who, "The Waters of Mars" has kept us glued to the sofa this evening. With the strong and powerful Adelaide Brooke knowing the difference between right and wrong as the Dr begins to fall off his perch. I shall be very sad to see David Tenant go, but then I was mortified at the idea of Christopher Middleton leaving the role of the Dr and didn't think anyone could replace him, but he was ably followed. Roll forward Christmas for the next episodes of Dr Who :-)


Josephine said...

Yes it was sooo good wasn't it? The darkest episode of Dr Who I think I've seen. We do know who the new Dr is though don't we? Do we?

Greg said...

Am....that's Ecclestone actually, hon.


Anji said...

Dom used to plead with Rob not to embarrass her by putting up the Christmas tree before her birthday party - her friends loved it, of course. Nowadays I’ll decorate sometime at the beginning of December.

We don't have Dr Who here but I always loved Tom Baker and he was seen in France apparently.

Doris said...

Yes it was really dark Josephine - and so different to the Dr we all know, but they pulled it off. The new Dr has been announced: a very young guy but after my faux pas with the previous Dr name I am not going to try!

Oh Greg it is a red face here. How could I get Ecclestone wrong.

And Anji - the things our kids have to complain about. Mind you, my daughter's birthday is in September and it bugged me when I'd go looking for a present for her that often the Christmas product was already out on the shelves. Not so much this year I noticed - there seems to be an upside to this economic depression with some restraint. Though when Aldi put up its Happy Christmas signs in early November we knew it was inevitable.

Anonymous said...

Hi Doris
My name is Helen. I found your blog today and started to read your posts. We nearly had major crisis in our house, the storm blew out our sattelite signal from SKY and so my neice who was visiting (15yrs old) was going ballistic!!! fortunatly we had another TV with a box that picked up the TV and so there was 'peace' thankfully.
Take care

Doris said...

Ah, another understanding, patient and reasonable 15 year old in our mists! Hi Helen - nice to see you.

Jo said...

I haven't got round to watching the latest Dr Who yet. I do love it though so it's good to see I'm not alone!

I'm now wondering about putting up my tree...

Welcome back by the way :)

Doris said...

Hi Jo and thanks for popping over. You are not alone with Dr Who! ;-)

Inspector Clouseau said...

That's a great cartoon.

Nice work. I came across your blog while “blog surfing” using the “Next Blog” button in the Nav Bar at the top of my blogspot blog. I occasionally just check out other blogs to see what others are doing.