Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Coughing the plague

When this cough first started over four weeks ago I stayed indoors and was poorly with it but as time has gone on and I've gone through various remedies, one of which involved lots of lemons, honey and nearly a full bottle of whiskey (three or four glasses of that a day soon makes damage on the bottle but luckily Aldi do a great priced version!), and although I am no longer poorly the cough is persistent. It isn't possible to stay indoors 24/7 any more - I did that the first week or so - so now when I go out I can't help feeling I am viewed as if I am carrying the plague. Well yes, I know I am carrying germs and I make sure I am not in unnecessary confined proximity with non-consenting others, and I take good care that I cough into a large tissue, but I do feel like an outcast. As if I am being irresponsible for venturing out of the house. As if I am personally responsible for the national increased incidence of swine flu. As if it is much fun having this cough that goes on and on and depressingly seems to be getting worse at times. Oh joy.


rashbre said...

A total co-incidence that I've arrived here a few days after you restarted blogging!

Complicated story, but someone was on rashbre central looking for Santa (way too early!), so I flipped to the old page to see if the links till worked (no) saw a comment from you there and idly clicked to see if you'd reappeared!

Aside from the coughing and spluttering your end, great to see you area around!

best from rashbre

rashbre said...

...and scuse my typing. it duznt get any btter

Doris said...

Coo, that's nice of you to say hello and yes, what a coincidence! I haven't yet begun to look through my links so have Pandora's box yet to open.

At least you know when you do a typo.

And I'll always remember your biscuit dunking post - pure comedy. :-D

Anji said...

Unfortunately coughers and sneezers are going to be treated like lepers for the time being. Isn't it amazing how quickly people forget, last year if you were coughing you'd have got sympathy.