Monday, 9 November 2009

Minus one

There are three temperature gadgets on my computer desktop. The first is for my own corner of England's green and pleasant land which reads -1 C. It is November 9th and still we have not had to put the heating on for which I am very grateful. Dear Mr Doris likes our home to be warm and I am more a "throw open the window" sort of person. So far we seem to be finding a happy medium as we live in a new build that seems to have been properly designed and keeps in the heat as it is insulated by the flats above and below.

The second temperature gadget is for a town in Germany where a girlfriend lives. They have been having unusually lower temperatures these last couple of months, and certainly significantly lower than ours but not today as they have a reading of 4 C with rain.

And then there is the third temperature gadget for a city in Australia where my cousin lives. They are heading into summer and already reading stonking temperatures, currently 34 C.

As I sit at my desk I can imagine I am in these other places with people I also love, deciding what clothes I need to wear for the weather, embracing the day and what it has to offer.

Thanking the world for our amazing planet.


Doris said...

Mind you, talking about not having to put the heating on, the bathroom is a bit of an exception and just a tad chilly after a shower!

Anji said...

I agree on the shower! We put our heating on this evening - for the first time this winter.

Funnily enough, this afternoon I was talking to my pupil whose Granddaughter is in Australia for a year. She was telling me that the temperatures are around 34°c. Is your cousin in Melbourne by any chance?

Doris said...

Oooo so it is not just us. But aren't you further south and therefore should be technically warmer anyway?

Not far from Melbourne! Amazing temperatures.

Anji said...

We are further south. Unfortunately it is very damp here which makes everything feel colder than it is. I miss frosty mornings, cold but not in the same way.