Friday, 27 November 2009


Embraced, I feel
your warm arms
wrapped around
holding tight
so I can let go.

Embraced, nuzzled
into your chest
hearing the familiar
heartbeat grateful
with love.

Embracing, you keep
holding, not wanting
to let go, or for
this moment
to pass.

Embraced, each
time rebuilds
lost strength
easing the
bruised soul.

Dedicated to the darling Mr Doris
by Doris Mash

PS Uh-oh, it is pass the puke bucket time again! :-)


Anji said...

No it isn't pass the puke bucket time! A lovely poem, Mr Doris is a very lucky man.

Doris said...

Thank you Anji but I am think I am the luckier one :-)