Friday, 13 November 2009

Pet shop on the corner

There is a pet shop on the corner of our road, in our small English town with a population of just over 16,000. It is a rural area with plenty of farms and real proper cows and sheep. What I don't understand is that I never see the pet shop busy with customers nor anyone leaving with large packages. Yet, almost daily there are deliveries to this pet shop. Big vans, even bigger trucks and all size of vehicles. Definitely deliveries and not collections. Which I find rather curious to imagine just what is going on in the pet shop in the corner? Is it a front for some illegal activity, a black market or something else. All in our little pet shop on the corner of our road.


Anji said...

You never know, perhaps they are miniaturising the puppies and kittens; Or they have so much stock they have to bring in enormous quantities of food. Is there a back door? They could be just going round and round, delivering the same boxes so that they look busy….

I’ll be thinking about that shop all day now!

Doris said...

They don't even have too many pets either!!!! Just a few fish. But that is a thought .... reminds me of horror films of my youth when people where snatched and turned into mannequins. Maybe the pets never quite make it .....

The deliveries are of all sorts from packages of hamster hay to dog baskets to large boxes. But this is a small shop that mainly sells sundry pet equipment, and not really (not that I can see) anything to the farming community.

As for going round and round re-delivering the same stuff that is just silly! LOL But it sure makes them look important and busy.