Friday, 10 June 2005

Me, me, me, me and me!

I'm trapped in a body that isn't really mine. I'm actually tall, blonde, buxom and utterly intelligent. In my world, I'd know about physics, alternative theories on the origins of the earth, drip money, jewels and have wonderful polished nails and matching underwear. I'd wear pretty bras and briefs, not knickers. I'd wear make-up every day and in diva style only, I wouldn't be seen without it; and I'd take if off carefully each night. Because I'm worth it.

Once a month I'd spend in a health spa and be pampered. Once a month I'd visit my accountant to talk over my latest, highly successful investments and once a month I'd go dogging in order to develop my fan base. I've been advised to do this by my online, super cyber mate Mad Baggage Rambling in this particular blog.

In my world, I'd have photographers come knocking wanting to take my photo - I wouldn't have to traipse round trying to find and pay someone to take a nice picture of me. My words would be listened to and would reverberate round the world like a crystal bell. Truth, humanity, intelligence and sex appeal would ooze from every molecule of every word. They'd appear as sayings in miniature anthologies on this or that wise sayings. I'd be the Mae West of the 21st century.

I'd be the hottest property and my light would never burn out, nor would the adoring fans. I'd have fans out of their closets and I'd have fans in dark forests. Fans for all seasons all singing my praises. My name would be appear in parliament and on the lips of the rich and famous, as well as on the lips of others who are not. Nothing but considered praise, intellectual reasoning and pure love just because of me.

I'd have perfect teeth. Naturally and naturally! My buxom, firm breasts would be pert to those who like them that way. My waist would be narrow and my hips would beckon. I'd appeal to men or women and I'd fly either way. No boundaries and no hang-ups. Life is for living and for loving.

It is 9am on a Friday morning and I give it 10 hours before the super sleuth finds this blog! :)


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