Wednesday, 24 May 2006

Shabaz Shame

Thanks to Mr DoF for bringing the Newspaper Clipping Generator to my attention.

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Cheryl said...

The media circuit?
The guy said clearly he was providing a show. I don't think his social skills went beyond 'this is what we're supposed to do' and even then he got the wrong end of the stick.
Bless him; not a people person, I think any media attention would give him another short circuit - he needs to go back to his own little quiet world with his own things 'just so'.
Headmistress' summary?
Tries very hard; cannot handle change. Would make an excellent lighthouse keeper.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006 7:04:00 AM

Jo said...

Hey this newspaper thingy is well cool :-) I'm off, in my normal Magpie Blogger way to have a look...

Have missed BB for the last couple of days thru work :-(

I have a real love/hate thing about it. Can't take my eyes off it when it's on, kind of hate myself for doing so. I usually only really get glued (and reconciled to watching) when they're down to about 4 or 5...

My money's on the boy with Tourettes.

Cheryl...speaking as a decendant of a generations of light house keepers (no kidding), I'll have you know that there have been many interesting and challenging technological changes in the field over the years and...(all blog readers fall asleep...)

Wednesday, May 24, 2006 4:06:00 PM

doris said...

I'd be really interested to know who else has tried out this "newspaper thingy" ;-)

I'll come and have a look if you let me know here.

Pete (the one with Tourettes) certainly seemed to come across really well in the Diary Room in connection with Shabaz.

If I were an axe-wielding maniac then whingeing, moaning and snivelling Nikki would be in my sights. Jeez and she expects some rich bloke to want to marry that?! She is a crime against women.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006 4:30:00 PM

Jo said...

One thing that I always notice is how the BB people don't put in stupid, air head, fluffy blokes.

Sure you get some pretty dysfunction guys, but the nothing-at-all-between-the-ears slot seems to permanently reserved for a girl. There seems to be an absolute need that at least one or more of the women conforms to this stereotype, as if we expect that at least one of the eccentricities on show for us to laugh at is the 'traditional' brain dead woman.

It's insidious. I think I'll write a learned paper on it :-)

Thursday, May 25, 2006 11:17:00 AM

doris said...

LOL Jo ..... doesn't Glynn almost fit that role? But that might be because he is still young. But you do have a point.

I am sure that there are many learned papers to be written on this subject.

Meanwhile, last night whilst watching Shabaz being interviewed on BBLB our 12 year old son informed Mr Doris and I that he would like to be gay when he is older. Oh and why is that we casually ask to which he replied that he could then behave camp and get away with it. I suggested that maybe he could be camp without actually being gay and now he says he will be the only gay non-gay in the village.

I think the trouble is that we are all supposed to conform to this or that stereotype and there is little understanding and crossover.

Gosh, Big Brother is such a thought provoking and fascinating programme!

However, revolting BB programme last night showing Lord of the Rings behaviour against an admittedly antogonistic Shabaz. Very sad indictment on human behaviour.

Thursday, May 25, 2006 11:52:00 AM

Carol said...

I have to say right off that I didn't watch everything with Shabhaz, BUT I really think that the rest of the housemates bullied him shamelessly. If they didn't like him - fine, but locking him out, stealing his clothes, ganging up on him and laughing at him. Not on. Not nice.

Friday, May 26, 2006 4:05:00 PM

Pookie65 said...

I love Big Brother! Season 6 starts in the US on June 21 and I can't wait. This year it's past house guests returning for a Celebrity version. Hopefully America will pick the most outrageous ones!

Hope all is well and sending you many hugs!


Saturday, May 27, 2006 1:14:00 PM

doris said...

Carol And now, since the departure of Dawn I have great admiration for her and her rebellion. And yet she must have been part of the bullying too.

Pookie Thank you and hugs to you too. I wonder how a Big Brother House with all the previous popular/notable housemates would work. You know we have two series of BB a year now - the Celebrity one in the new year and now this one. And then, I'm sure I have seen mini BB type programmes whre they have mixed a few celebrities and popular ex housemates. (But I couldn't be bothered with it.) We have so much trash TV to chill out to! ;-)

Sunday, May 28, 2006 8:11:00 AM

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