Monday, 17 October 2005

Adverts on TV

Advertising on the television often makes my blood boil but having seen a couple of great adverts in one night I wonder if the tide is turning.

Ads that upset me are the sort that undermines someone such as the yoghurt ads where the woman leaves her boyfriend locked out the door because she is too busy indulging in her yoghurt. Or the selfish ones where the woman sets up her bloke to look like he is having an affair so that she can throw him out and sleep for the night in her bed washed in a certain fabric conditioner. Or the beautifully filmed black and white ad with French dialogue. The man and woman are cycling on a tandem cycle through the countryside when he notices the chocolate bar in the cycle basket and purposefully cycles under a overhangning branch to knock his female companion off the cycle so that he can go off and eat the chocolate bar by himself.

What happened to people being kind and sharing the love? What are we saying... that it is OK to be mean and selfish?

For the first time tonight I have seen an ad on TV for Orange phones with the point being the longer you stay with them the better it gets. The ad beguiles you as this older couple move around each other in dance-like balletic moves, starting off by reaching round the breakfast table and ending up by intertwining, with a wonderful motion that continues and flows from the kitchen to outside in the garden to down the road. He sweeps her up in his arms and swings her round but it all seems so effortless and beautiful.

Orange also do a great series of cinema ads reminding us to switch off our phones during the film and they get me every time. I'm not sure which is my favourite but I love the Darth Vader p*ss take where they start singing the one of the Star Wars themes.

I just love the delightful Doris and the Tropical Surf ad! The link will open in a new browser and you need to have the sound on. Sadly that film so typifies very many places in the UK with a drab greyness and having to go to the launderette. And if we are to fall for the advertising, we'd believe that washing our smalls in this stuff will take us to paradise. Ahhh. As if!

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Jo said...
I think maybe we were watching tonight at the same time...that new Orange ad is truly beautiful.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005 1:06:00 AM
Annie said...
I love the Doris & the Tropical Surf ad. It reminds me a bit of my granny. I actually bought the washing powder because every time I use it I think og the ad and it makes me smile.
My pet hate in the way of ads are the loan ones. There seem to be loads of them on digital television. They are designed to appeal to people who have been refused loans elsewhere. I noticed the other day that the interest for one of them was 19.9%! Scarey!
Tuesday, October 18, 2005 8:13:00 AM
doris said...
Jo I'm so glad you saw the ad too and also think it is beautiful. This is like meeting over the water cooler at work... "Did you see that new ad that came out last night....."

Actually, there are a lot of ads that I don't see for a very long time but hear them. We always have the TV on when we are working but I rarely look up. So I have an interesting thing when having heard an ad for so long I finally see it! I'm pretty sure I hadn't heard this ad before.

Annie LOL - I took a detour to the Surf boxes in the supermarket to smell one! But couldn't smell owt different. I stood there grinning!

Oh, and don't get me started on those loan ads. I am sorry to repeat this very controversial stuff but my daughter reckons there are certain loan ads aimed at fat people and certain ads aimed at ugly people! Because of the people they use who are supposed users of their wonderful loans.

What gets me is the message they put across... "Oh dear, you have over extended yourself and spent too much but never mind you can consolidate all your loans in one new loan and then you can carry on as before spending like mad and you can even go on holiday and buy all those other things you really want too." Where does it stop?

Didn't see that rates are as high as 19.9% - isn't that higher than some credit cards?
Tuesday, October 18, 2005 10:06:00 AM
Astryngia said...
Ah, you found it!!! ;-) Brill!!
Tuesday, October 18, 2005 11:45:00 PM

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