Tuesday, 19 November 2013

N n n n n nineteen

19 Google images of 19
Today is the nineteenth. There are twelve of them each year and each time it crops up it makes me do a double-take as if there is some deeply special event I should be noting or celebrating. My daughter was born on one of them so that makes that one very special indeed. My parents were married on one which doesn't make it special for me but instead a very stressful time as my mother's expectations for gifts or celebration far exceeded actual life.

My half sister who has always been an enigma to me was born on a different nineteenth and that has always been special to think of her.

The importance of the 19th has seemed to have grown in the last decade, like something misremembered that needs to be found. As a result of writing this post I have looked up a date I believed for at least five years to have been the 19th but find that the day is wrong for the year concerned. I'm pretty definite about the day of the week which leaves my mind having re-written history to shift what was the 18th to the subconsciously desired 19th. Perhaps I should also question what I think I am definite about!

The number nine has always attracted me in life, possibly because in numerology my life path number is 9. Perhaps that predisposes an attraction to anything with the number 9 in it. Yet I do not have a feeling for the 29th, nor other numbers ending in 9 except for the number 9 itself which was a date on which I happily married. Maybe my daughter's birth led me to find other 19s to associate with? Maybe there IS something on a 19 which I should be remembering but am not? Maybe it is a feature of age and I have already started to go a bit potty fixating on things that are just not there?

In "real life" I am utterly busy, have my finger in a lot of pies and plenty on my plate. No two days are ever the same and yet I come in to my secret blog to write such random thoughts as this.


rashbre said...

I've just tried the little test and discovered my lofe path number is five. The same as Liv Tyler, Mick Jagger and Abraham Lincoln, apparently. I've never really looked into numerology so I don't actually know how many number /paths there are.

Like you, I've plenty going on, but I can't help thinking I'll have to look into this now...

ps. the anti robot test came up with number 42. I shall try not to panic.

Doris said...

Haha! Number 42! How appropriate Rashbre :-)

42: The answer to life, the universe and everything

rashbre said...

Yes and thanks for all the link.

I've always thought that 42 was the wrong answer to the original question, but it's one of those things I've never bothered to check.

Fortunately, the people in wikipedia have noticed as well and documented it all in your link.

Doris said...

I posted the link but only scanned the first few lines. Now that I have gone back and actually read it - well, wow! It is practically a book just on that one phrase.

I was 15 when the series first aired on the radio and remember the episode when the calculations were nearly done and they were just about to reveal the ultimate question and then the world was arbitrarily demolished to make way for a galactic bypass. So funny and not at all poignant. I can't imagine a 15 year old today being glued to a radio series!