Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Clean bill of health

We are lucky in our country in that we can visit our doctors when we are well and they will run basic tests as needed. I'll always remember the sage advice of my lovely mother in law (of course darling Mr Doris has a very lovely mother!) who said to us as we were turning 40 that it was useful to go for a well person check up to get baselines on various stats just in case they were ever needed. We are talking weight, blood pressure, cholesterol etc.

This involves an appointment with a nurse rather than a GP which is fine. A few years back I was feeling very off and peri-menopausal and had another Well Woman check up. At that time they did a test for hormones which they are refusing to do this time as the test is supposedly so unreliable which I'd concur with since I was told I was no where near peri let alone actual menopause and yet here I am possibly well on my way. Menopause is a whole 'nother discussion.

Last week I had the few physical tests with questions and today I have my blood test which required an overnight fast which is no trouble for me. Oh how I dislike having blood taken but then I haven't had any taken since I became a runner and now a gym user. Maybe it will come out easier? I'm off to the gym now and then the blood test at 9am then on with the day.

The results will take about a week to filter back to me. I am hoping that they will let me have the results from the previous time so that I can compare my cholesterol and other levels since I have been mainly on a warrior diet for nearly a year. As well as reassurance that everything is good, it will be a very interesting experience to find out if changes have transpired to the physical level.


Jay said...

We tried the 5:2 diet of which you speak. I thought it was great ... until it really stirred up my acid reflux! It does seem to have great benefits with regard to various metabolic systems, but you're right, true fasting it is not.

I'm going to look up the warrior diet, but if it involves more fasting I still won't be able to do it, I think. I do admire you for changing your lifestyle though. Doctors simply don't have the knowledge or the time to counsel us on this, and they really SHOULD be the ones to do so!

Doris said...

I'm afraid it is more fasting though balanced with enough eating funnily enough. Some body builders have been using it and you know how they have to have lots of meals a day to build body mass, so it is worth looking it up also from their perspective.

Like anything it is about what is right for each of us at that particular time. I am still gobsmacked that my former dedication to breakfast can completely change.

Doctors are only human, governed by the system and taught by the system. Individuals need to be braver :-D