Sunday, 3 November 2013

Holidailies 2013

Would it be a bit pre-emptive of me to say I am looking forward to December and the annual holidailies? An excuse to write a little something every single day from piffle to whatever takes ones fancy? With the Christian holidays as a backdrop and for us, the possibility of snow, it provides an extra diversion. Such that it seems a whole month and more can be taken up by working towards just a one or two day event in the calender!

Nevertheless, it is fun. I do not go in for getting into unnecessary debt or buying flamboyant presents I can not afford, though if I had the money I might buy flamboyant. To me it very much is about togetherness. Sharing an event and making it very special. Being thankful for each other and thankful for another year. Catching up and being close. It is for family and close friends. For those that can make it.

I love designing the menu with all the planning and preparation and then making it work effortlessly on the day. It is a joy and a pleasure. If I am lucky with a dear friend coming then it will be twelve of us for the banquet.

Some years I am full of bah humbug about the decorations and Christmas, however since my father decided to give my sister and I hampers for Christmas which he gave us at the end of October and are sat here, I have a desire to get on with the decorations this year. It is hard to comprehend on what planet my father is but he was so obviously so excited with his collections of items for the hampers he wanted us to have them early so we can check them and not get any duplicate items. Very thoughtful.

It is four weeks to the day until 1st December 2013. I do not spend much time shopping apart from our local smallish supermarkets so all in all I guess I am not overwhelmed by Christmas everywhere. I'm pretty sure it is out there but I am not jaded by it.

Alongside getting my bedroom and clothes into tip top order I have a private photoshoot to arrange. Something akin to "How to look good naked" and something I have wanted to do for myself in my fiftieth year. I have found a photographer and just need to pull out some images of picture styles I quite like so that we are all on the same wavelength. After all, those naked shoots do not show anything though one is technically naked. It would be good to reveal a pic for my Darling Mr Doris, and me, for Christmas.


rashbre said...

I've so far resisted the mince pies that first appeared in the shops in early October. You sound well prepared, what with early hampers and all.

Lovely to hear from you again, by the way. I had popped over a couple of times but Doris Mash had some sort of security thing on it that stopped me from peeking.

Doris said...

Either I had no idea about the security thing or else when I clamp down and hide I'm gone!

I enjoyed my tootle over to your place yesterday with your illustrated journal.

I have no trouble resisting mince pies as I love them only when we are right up into the heart of Christmas. This year it would seem appropriate that I make my own but I'll see come nearer the time. So much easier to buy a couple of boxes and keep them in the cupboard for emergencies.

Anji Knutsen said...

I'm with you on the family and close friends being together.

What an amazing gift from your father - and the timing of it. I think that this is the first year I haven't started gathering bits and bobs for the Christmas eating. Fortunately the supermarket loyalty card has built up nicely this year and will be put to good use.

Christmas is the only time I prepare a time plan like we learnt how to do in cookery (domestic science!)at school. A little planning saves a lot of stress.

Doris said...

Hi Anji :-) Ah yes, those domestic science lessons. It could be I was at a fairly wild and happening comprehensive school in the mid 70s so our classes were somewhat hijacked by the kids and subsequently phased out. Despite that, I enjoyed cooking at school and what we did learn. I am a strong advocate of planning and like you always use it for Christmas but then also for other big feasts during the year when the family get together. My son who has done the beginnings of a chef training and qualification, and is a teenager enough to not be told anything, does not like to plan and he wonders how I pull out a banquet for 14 when he struggles making one course for four. I hope one day he gets it.

Enjoy your bonus points when you get to them ;-)

Shephard said...

Doris, I too look forward to the holidays for all the reasons you said. I tend to ignore the commercialism and hone in on time spent with good people, a chance to celebrate what we have. I'm a sucker for festoonery and hoopla. I look forward to it every year. Some years, I do have to push myself to get those decorations up, but when I do, I'm awfully glad I did!

Congrats on the photoshoot idea. Good for you! A very proactive way to encourage self-esteem. :)

Doris said...

Hi Shephard and welcome :-) Good to know I am not alone in enjoying the visual, sensory and emotional pleasures of the festive season.