Wednesday, 27 November 2013

One of those days

Yesterday was one of those days that evolves out of seemingly nowhere and transforms one's life further still. It started off with a minor good deed to help a new business in our small town to find that the owner is only a former client of mine for whom I had done some therapeutic work in the past. She had given up her conventional job and had taken the plunge and opened a little shop. Another soon to open business is another former client of mine who is one powerful woman in her own right. Very exciting stuff going on.

Then just after the middle of the day I receive a forwarded email from my employer about some government funding in place for extending one's qualifications in our field. She had already emailed them back and asked if there was an upper age limit and no, there wasn't. This is a qualification I had been enrolled to do elsewhere a while back but decided that a whole 'nother year out was not necessary. And here it was, or at least a major element, being served up from a private course just one evening a week for just sixteen weeks for just the price of my uniform and kit. Places were limited it said. I don't hang around you know!

A phone call enquiry later and a quick superman change of costume to look professional when it was definitely a bad hair day and a 20 minute drive and a quick chat with my boss and I was there within an hour. In truth, the interview was a formality and I was signed up there and then. Well, almost as I asked them to hold fire. Subject to final discussions at work as there has had to be quite a bit of jiggling around of my colleagues work times so that I can attend the allotted evening.

In truth I am not that enamoured by the college based on the apprentices we have had in our work place. It will be very interesting to see if the college are as rubbish as the impression I have. The end result though is a qualification from the right examining body so it is worth my time and effort. The course normally costs £3000!

I'll be 51 just after the course starts at the beginning of the new year which tickles me to think I am still out there learning and growing. Who knows where the couple of new skills I'll gain will take me, or the better qualifications in my existing skills.

How lovely that everyone so far has been supportive and encouraging and accommodating. More reasons to be cheerful and thankful.


rashbre said...

It sounds like a brilliant day.

The right connections in your town AND at your workplace!

The new course sounds most intriguing too!

Doris said...

It is interesting that the positivity of such days goes way beyond the day itself.