Friday, 24 October 2008


Just woke from an interesting illustrating dream which I think is one of those signpost ones. In essence, I put everyone else on pedestals in my life but never myself. As if it is OK for other people to be on pedestals but never me. The rationale being that I am both not good enough and also that it would be wrong because by doing so elevates me and puts others down. When, in my mind, having other people on pedestals puts no-one else down except myself. And then there is the not being good enough. A matter of opinion. There have been times in recent years when I have fouled up magnificently: started projects and not followed them through; not created the incoming generating sides of projects; not answered or returned emails; in short, buried my head in the sand. But apart from those misdemeanours I can be very good and effective in the things that I do.

The other part of my dream was that I should return to doing something I did in the past because this time it would be OK and I would be very good. In the dream it actually figured something I did twenty years ago, suggesting that I could do that really well, but I don't really think the dream was telling me to go back that far.

I have a little chewing over to do for now. Methinks concentrating on pedestals and that I could deserve one too is the starting point.

Very short post this due to arm pain/injury that I have had now for months and months which has gone into a frozen shoulder. On Monday evening I did just one hour of work on my PC and felt worse for it all week - it is that bad. I am determined it has to get better but that maybe I need to actually rest my arm more for a while. And how did I get this lovely injury in the first place? I only remembered a month or so ago ...... back in March my son bought a Wii with his combined birthday money which mummy quite enjoyed vigourously and enthusiastically playing golf and bowling. Fickle son got rid of the Wii after only a month. Just last night, someone else who did not know about my pain, told me about the ongoing arm injury she has from just a couple of hours of playing tennis and boxing on the Wii at the beginning of September. Which means we can not be the only ones with these sorts of injuries?


Debbie K said...

Hi Doris
It is never too late to live your dreams!
We can be our own worst critics.
Your kind words lift so many people.
How I wish I could put you on the highest of pedestals where there is no limit to how far your heart could see.


alan said...

Your first paragraph sounds so much like something I could have written...

Having spent 30 years in an assembly plant, almost half of which was working over my head has done my shoulders no favors. The right especially has problems, and at some point I'll probably end up having to have it worked on.

Right now if I keep up a regimen of "Arnold presses" it seems to subside (a dumbell press starting with your palm towards you at shoulder height and pressing straight up while rotating the hand to a palm away position).

That may not do the trick for yours, but hopefully you can find something that does!

Thinking of you...


Jay said...

Hi Doris!

I also have an ongoing shoulder issue, but it's just now after two years been diagnosed as a torn tendon attachment. I didn't do it playing the Wii though, I just lifted a shopping bag. *Sigh*

I have, however, given myself a lot of pain playing Guitar Hero!

These darned games are dangerous!

Those things you mention, not finishing projects, not answering emails, burying your head? That's me, too.

Anji said...

I can relate to your pedastals system too. I've started to realise that it isn't fair on the people who on top of the pedestal either.

I imagine those games are designed with younger arms and shoulders in mind. It's so frustrating when you can't use the computer as you want.

i hope your dream helps you to move forwards

Chandira said...

Ooooh, so sorry your arm is still bad!!!

Massage, Reiki, hot and cold, acupuncture, because you're worth it!!!

You really are, love.

I have those issues, I should sic my friend Keith on you! He always tells me how arrogant it is to assume you're worse than everybody else, he's right!! ;-)

Good to hear from you. THanks for taking a moment and risking some pain to leave me a comment.
Much, much love. I'd come round and give you a massage/Reiki if I lived close enough.