Sunday, 5 January 2014

Incognito blogging

Thank goodness for the unused Chrome browser on my computer when it came to showing my 16 year old niece how to set up a blog. When I tried to show her on my regular Firefox and then tried the IE I hope her eyesight did not catch the name of my blog url as it flashed up on the suggested list as I tried to enter the blogger url.

Then there is the whole way that Google has inveigled itself across our lives so that it is impossible to show anyone anything on one's own computer without revealing the pseudonyms I may chose to use. One can't do anything without first having a google email account. It is my computer and on the on the whole no-one uses it but at times like this I wish I kept things more discreet. Or at least, thank goodness for that Chrome browser.

As I started showing my young relative how to do things she soon asked me if I had a blog. A small white lie may have passed my lips as I'd rather keep the blog incognito and therefore open and honest which seems a contradiction.

Following on from the monthly outings I did last year with a friend and will continue this year, and from having a quick read of Boomtown Rap's Movie Reviews of 2013 and realising how little I go to the cinema, my dearest Mr Doris and I have resolved to go to the cinema once a month this year. At least once a month will be a huge increase for me as I have probably seen two "cinema" movies in the past two years and both of those will have been at our new pop-up community cinema and therefore late releases. Mr Doris has been out to see more but then his choices of films are not the same as mine and I'd hate to waste the ticket price so do not go. Knowing how much he would come with me to see a film I wanted to see then I have said I would do the same with some exceptions. There is no point me going to something with a lot of violence or horror or too much suspense as it would upset me too much. I know that films are generally a work of fiction but I am there, in the film, and am far too sensitive for anyone's good.

There have been other years where I have wanted us to go out somewhere every month, just the two of us, but it did not happen despite the best intentions. This does not mean we do not go out, just that we do not go out enough I feel. And as expensive as a cinema ticket is, it is still cheaper than going out for a meal. As long as I carry any drinks or snacks in my pockets. Unlike the gorgeous independent cinema near where we used to live that had comfy sofas and one could have a very reasonable coffee or tea in a china mug with a slice of homemade cake. I'm hoping we might find such a cinema near us once we put our mind to the whole cinema going malarkey.


rashbre said...

I suppose I'm lucky to be around London so that there's always plenty of inexpensive (as well as very expensive) places to visit. Galleries, markets, riverside and simply people watching.

That's not to say I don't also frequent gigs, shows and movies etc, but there's still plenty of side visits.

Sometimes when I'm in a different part of London for a meeting, I'll check what else is around and make a side visit to something in any case.

Here's to your new plan!

Anji Knutsen said...

Going out is something we don't do that much - just a cup of coffee from time to time.

I like the sound of that cinema with china mugs and slices of cakes. Unfortunately I think that I would probably fall asleep and disturb other cinema go-ers by snoring.

Doris said...

Hi Rashbre - you are indeed lucky to be in London for the sort of facilities it has. When I lived there I was never short of just going places because everything is so close. And the museums and galleries are amazing.

Hi Anji - lovely to hear from you. A coffee in France is so special to us English people living here but I guess it is not the same when one actually lives there. LOL to the idea of snoring - I must admit that is another reason for me not going is in case I fall asleep as I think that would be such a waste of a ticket so I am resolved to still go but make sure I am not nackered!