Friday, 22 February 2013

Migraine - urgh!

Yesterday was a full blown throw it up migraine. I haven't had one of those in months, possibly a couple of years. Thank goodness it was yesterday and could be fitted in and not today when I am shortly off to work. I wonder if it was all my recent-ish sugar eating escapades catching up with me. I so need to detox all this stuff out of my system. The comfort from eating something is so short lived but time and again I fall into that lack of restraint and the consequences are this.

Yesterday I should have been doing my overdue accounts. One wonders if the migraine also has something to do with it as an avoidance activity. Not good.

On the plus side, washing was done and I am going to complete by putting it away as soon as I hit done on this. I also managed to plough through piles of papers and it is amazing how much of a pile of rubbish the mail inserts and envelopes make. I may leave them in situ until after work as a gold star for what I have managed to do. Tirrah.

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Anji said...

Sorry I'm late commenting. I hope it has gone away by now.

If you're still on your diet and then went for the sugar I would expect there to be some kind of reaction.

I sorted out a huge pile of papers before the weekend. Some needed filing from 2009 - needless to say it was Rob's junk.