Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Alternative Counselling

Another strange dream. This time it was after 5.15am this morning and before 7.47am when I awoke again.

As per usual, it was a rather involved dream until we get to this stage. A woman, who seems to be my mother in real life but wasn't exactly, was trying to find me a counsellor. The issues I had were somehow acceptable to her but she didn't quite realise they were to do with my childhood with her.

We had been up and down the promenade (not a Blackpool type promenade but one in a hot country with big wide avenues) checking out various people and finally came across someone who seemed OK to me and was available. The woman (mother?) settled down outside quite happily with our bags of stuff and seemingly encouraged I had found someone who could help.

Once inside the therapist was most interesting. The same person but at times a man and at times a woman! As a man he was extremely handsome. And as a woman I'd say she had similar looks to me but it wasn't me (though of course sub-consciously perhaps she was me.)

At first he was a man and sat on a wheelie office chair and as he talked, he wheeled his chair so close to me as I sat on a ledge or perch just under/by the stairs. (I am not actually under the stairs.) Anyway, he is so close our bodies are not only touching they are scrunched together, that he actually lifts one of my legs over his lap to make it more comfortable for me. (This is not an overtly sexual dream!)

We talk about how I feel about him being so physically close and I tell him that I don't mind; that it is different and that it is rather pleasant with him but might not be with someone else. At first I am a little embarrassed wondering if anyone else can see this carry-on, especially the woman (mother?) waiting outside. And then I start to ask him how he feels and does he do this often to his clients, whilst wondering to myself if he would do this if I was some elderly woman. He tells me that he is particularly enjoying it with me but yes, he does it with his other clients. In his words though, he made it seem like it was extra good with me! [Ahhh, is this an ego I see before me?!]

That questioning of mine goes on a little while with me following up what he is saying and apparently counselling him. I then realise this and realise I am paying to give him counselling so begin to stop that line of discussion.

He gets up to walk about the room and he is now a woman as she talks and then stops talking. I am aware of her walking up a few steps behind me and then silence. I think she is waiting for me to speak but somewhere between that thought and the next I have drifted off into a wonderful and restful sleep. [That I reckon I feel rested from in real life.] The next thing I am aware is that the woman says "And you?" or something like that. Suddenly disturbed I turn around to find that it was a ploy of hers to get me to talk but I had fallen asleep instead. She says that she had let me sleep as I needed it as much as I needed the counselling. I find that I have slept, according to the Therapist's clock, for forty five minutes. I am shocked that so much of my session was wasted and was a bit worried what the woman outside (mother?) would say if she knew.

But it was bang, straight into counselling again. The Therapist said she noticed as she had moved around the room to do things that I was always aware of her presence and I came out with an interesting theory that I was connected to everyone by an umbilical cord. I added that I thought perhaps it was time for me to cut some (or was it all?) of the umbilical cords and to let go. To not worry about others so much. In the dream, and the counselling session, I was aware that I had grown up children and that somehow an umbilical cord to them wasn't so bad; so it wasn't all bad.

Next thing, we are outside and the woman counsellor is offering me treats from the ice-cream van. At first I say "no" and then, with the help of some small children around, I am persuaded. She then ups the ante and offers me more which I again refuse out of politeness, and again I am persuaded to change my mind. It felt like she was giving me a second childhood full of giving and treats and abundance.

At this point I wake up at 7.47am about to cough and splutter.


I have the yuckiest cold ever. Yesterday I was out in a large chemist buying more supplies when I looked down to find a large runny snot trail down my shirt. How that got there I do not know, but I know I am currently a mess. On the other hand, I am not all ill, and am reading a brilliant book about riches and abundance. And there are some really good things happening and I am feeling optimistic.

Yesterday (in real life) I saw the most gorgeous tea cups and saucers that I want for our new house. The had bright pastel colours, were from the Johnson Brothers brand, and had a bright cupcake on each side of the bone china cup. They made me smile. It is not often I see something and truly want it, but I want those. There was no pattern name on the cup or saucer and the staff looked too young to even ask and I do have a stinking cold. So I came home and googled (and Yahooed) for them to no avail. I even phoned up the china manufacturers and they don't recognise the pattern. It could have been a special edition for Dunelm stores so I need to go back there and ask them. But why were these gorgeous creations slung up on the top shelf in amongst everything else? They deserved a display all of their own. Anyway, I want to know what else is in the range .... such a tea set would be outrageously gorgeous for me - and I can see myself enjoying tea from it with friends. And I have just the perfect tea to brew up in a pot to drink from these exquisite cups.


alan said...

You are making me very glad I don't remember most of my dreams!

Blackpool would be one I'd like to remember though, having read of it years ago when I would buy the London Sunday Times...


Doris said...

Blackpool is a typical British seaside town. So British. But with the way things are, it is so much cheaper and warmer to go to Spain!

There was a time I clung onto my exciting dreams but in later years have been glad to let more of them go as they are, on the whole, too exhausting. It is enough to live during the day without living an alternative existence in dreamland!

Now you get some sleep! You get precious little as it is. xxx

Thursday said...

You will of course need the cupcakes to go with them :)

Doris said...

Not if there aren't any side plates to go with them! Calorie free treats are what they are .... all the indulgence without any of the sugar.

I'm off to get just a couple of the cups and saucers today and may take photos later to put on here :-)

Astryngia said...

"It felt like she was giving me a second childhood full of giving and treats and abundance."

Like the lady said, it's never too late to have a happy one! :-)

Doris said...


Chandira said...

That sounds like a pretty healthy dream! I'm glad it ended up well.

:-) Ooh, now I want a cuppa and a piece of cake. lol

Hope you're feeling better. I am reminded of one of the more embarrassing moments in school, when I was about 8, and left a snot trail on my desk. Trauma.

Doris said...


You've reminded me of something else here! I was about the same age, maybe 9! I had this snot eruption come out of nowhere but I had thought it quite amusing more than shameful, though I was a tad embarrassed. But there was so much and I didn't have any tissues and I was stuck with this handful of clear snot. The teacher was less than amused (I wasn't particularly laughing by now either) and she finally let me leave the class to go wash up. And I was then given the cane to my hands for no good reason other than disturbing the class!

It was Australia and bit of a backwater in corporal punishment ideas at the time. And just like the old days, I'd dare not tell my parents this had happened otherwise I'd have got it again. Anyway, the cane didn't hurt and was peanuts compared to what I already knew. So, complete waste of energy. I'm surprised I don't have a trauma about it but there were bigger fish to fry.

But on the other hand, a nice girl like you ..... in England .... I can imagine how embarrassing that can be.

I am on the mend thanks!

Chandira said...

LOL! I think most kids have a snot-moment. Our nephew Adam had a pretty spectacular incident a few years ago, caused by Robert hitting him in the head with a frisbee.

I was a little traumatized, but I think I have over the years been more traumatized by other people's snot than my own.