Thursday, 14 February 2013

Boggy nose experiment

Apparently I have a boggy nose and have since discovered online this is a medically used term. The consultant seems to think that I am allergic to something that I inhale and totally dismissed any theory I had about consuming dairy. He was most insistent .... "how can something you eat affect your nose" he stated.

He is referring me for an allergy test that will not include testing food stuffs; and has prescribed me a steroid nasal spray to use long term, and wants to see me again in three months. The nasal spray is supposed to clear the airways. I am not sure what side effects it would also give me as he was quite blase on that.

I only went back on dairy in the week or so prior to this appointment as my nasal drip symptoms had all cleared up and I wanted something for the consultant to look at on this long awaited appointment. Just one week of dairy. I am back off it now and suspect it will take a bit longer than a week for it all to clear up.

For an experiment, I will keep the prescription I have been given and not purchase the nasal spray so that I can take it back in three months, or whenever the follow-up appointment finally manifests. I will go for the allergy testing appointment when that happens. I will keep off dairy as my line of action and I will see if I still have a "boggy nose" in three months.

At the appointment  I had my hearing tested and that was reassuringly good. I thought it was deteriorating when in fact my daughter just needs to talk a bit louder and clearer and maybe the TV is on quiet. I also do not have any growths or polyps in my airways so nothing of concern. Always a good thing even if I don't agree with the medication prescribed or the less than wholistic approach.


Jay said...

'How can something you eat affect your nose'???

I would have immediately asked for a second opinion. I thought it was quite well-established that an allergy/sensitivity to dairy could cause nasal congestion, and I have a friend who knows it to be the case. SHE has a consultant who believes it to be the case, too. If she eats dairy, she can get away with a small amount for a few days and then the nasal congestion is back. If she continues, she grows polyps in her sinuses.

How can a consultant NOT believe it?

Good for you for going it alone on this one!

Anji said...

I use nasal spray for allergies so I'm interested in your stopping dairy products...

Glad that your hearing is fine.

Doris said...

Hi Jay - yes, I thought the link between dairy and nasal congestion was well established too. But then a part of me is not in the least bit surprised. Indicitive of the compartmentalised approach to health.

Hi Anji - no doubt I will post again with an update. Did you know that giving up dairy can also soften dark circles under the eyes for some people? The thought of giving up lovely cheese would seem horrendous but if it is done for just a few months and then reintroduced just to see then it might not seem so bad? I'm just thinking ahead for you ;-) Doris x