Thursday, 31 January 2013

Thai massage followed by a facial

It all started yesterday afternoon with my usual call home after work to find out my dad was round having a cuppa. I was en-route from work to check out a newly opened supermarket so I asked if my dad would stay for dinner to which he said yes. On entry to the supermarket I was handed money saving vouchers and headed round for a quick mooch. Whole sea bass were on special offer - a fish I had never tried in my life but one so often raved about by others.

Ideas were formulating and within minutes and a few more phone calls all the family could be available, but only early as there were trains to be caught and rehearsals to go to, and we had ourselves an impromptu celebration dinner. Even though we are debt-free I am still cautious until we know just where we are, and in any case I like cooking and know I can do a decent job.

With the special offer coupons and some frugal shopping between the new supermarket and Lidl we had a three course dinner including a whole sea bass per person with an array of vegetables, a starter of ready made Asian chicken strips on a bed of leaves, two of the premium ready-made desserts from the freezer, two bottles of pink bubbly and a large box of Thornton chocolates. All for forty one pounds which is less than five pounds per head for nine people!

In addition, at home we had the makings of hollandaise sauce: unsalted butter, eggs, lemons and literally a dash of cayenne pepper. I've never made it before and used the blender method and oh my goodness how perfect is it?! Very rich, creamy and an absolute delight on the sea bass (and steamed vegetables) which had been oven baked with garlic and herbs. I can see why people rave about it now. Serving the fish whole with their heads and tails was a step too far for the youngest as it was not a sanitised form of meat. I kept the few fish left-overs for something nice today with left over hollandaise sauce.

It was one of those impromptu evenings that was great and despite the comings and goings went on late. I did a fashion show of the lovely clothes I had bought with my birthday money with all the females in my family jokingly spitting dust that most items were size 8. Despite Christmas and extravaganzas like last night I have continued to slowly drop weight on my warrior or Fast 5 diet. Funny how the media is now alive with the Fast Diet but I have to say I am wedded to my version as I'd rather not eat for most of the day every day than have to eat reduced calorie meals twice a day for two times a week.

In dreamland, just before waking this morning, I had been directed upstairs in an unknown establishment and was heading to the room where I was due to have a Thai massage followed by a facial. In the dream I was really looking forward to this treat and with the vividness of my dreams am sure I would have really enjoyed the benefits in my waking life too. Alas I woke up, without alarm or prompt and just could not get back to that delicious moment. Bugger!


Anji said...

I've read about how good sea bass is twice recently, must look it up to see what it's called in French. It's so annoying when you can't finish a dream off. Hope it comes back another time.

Size 8!!

Doris said...

Hi Anji :-)

I find sometimes that different types of fish are not even sold in other countries even if you can find the local name. And here you go, just to show what I mean, I was just looking for the translation and the first article I clicked on talked about sea bass only being used as bait!!!

Yes, size 8 :-D LOL

Anji said...

Now I know what to look for.

It's funny how things are valued differently from country to country. A long time agoI carefully grew some flowers from columbine seeds that my mum sent me and my neighbour told me that they were regarded as weeds around here.

Doris said...

I hope you haven't brought your germs over here Anji?! ;-)

It is about values isn't it. Curious world we live in. I've often thought some weeds in the UK are indeed beautiful flowers and wondered why they are considered weeds when some other flower is not.