Thursday, 10 January 2013

Hand Written

Today is the birthday of a friend overseas, and this birthday is the first in very many years that I have managed to actually send a card. Something physical and actual to receive in the post and open. What is more, instead of my usual inserted print out letter on account of my appalling handwriting, I sat at our dining table and forced myself to try to slow down and to write neatly. I surprised myself that it was not too bad and what is more, I managed to get a fair amount of news written into the body of the card. All in probably less time it would have taken to type and print out.

It only remains to be seen whether the British postal service has pulled its finger out and transported my post in good time for the German postal system to deliver today.


Anji said...

I print out my letters too because my handwriting is unreadable. Congratulations on the hard work you put in.

Hope the car arrives in time for their birthday

Doris said...

The card did arrive in time and another was despatched back in reply in time for the day after my birthday. I see the German postal service charges as much as us unless it was for a special priority post. Maybe that was it.