Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Bold new future

What a magnificent month it is with today and tomorrow still to delight. This is the month I turned fifty years old and was treated to a very lovely surprise dinner with a few family and friends. This is the month we completed on the sale of the house we no longer live in. This is the month we paid off all our debts from the proceeds of the house sale in an orgy of money in and money out again.

This has been a fabulous month in so many ways. I have yet to feel the full impact of the house being out of our responsibility and vitally, being debt free. To not have the weight of all those responsibilities hanging over our heads, something I have felt for very many years, is a most wonderful proposition. I had never wanted to go back into that house but since we needed to drop off some essential papers and extra keys I did go in one last time, the day before the sale completed. I am glad that I did just so that I can say to myself I did not run away from it and completely have my head in the sand. The house looked clean and tidy and smelled fresh - looking around I thought what a great house, I'd buy it! It was certainly in a much nicer state than when we bought it but nothing like the heyday of the previous few years when we had done it up, were living in it and looked after it. It is no longer our house and we are free of it. May the new owners be very happy.

The small proceeds from the sale went into the account and within a couple of hours buttons were being pressed and funds were shooting off into different directions paying off this and that bank. The numbers were clocking down on the balance but that felt surprisingly alright knowing why and the knock-on effect it will bring. We are free of debt. We are debt-free. How many ways can I find to express it? I want to express it to fully appreciate and rejoice.

This is the month I created a bucket list. A simple little free app on my android and I have drawn up about 50 things I want to do in life. It included selling our house and being debt free, both of which are ticked off, and larger things such as eating sushi in Japan to pleasures such as looking out into the distance across a calm sea, or holding hands with Mr Doris knowing we are debt free. That has yet to be ticked off as I know there will be a moment when we are walking somewhere and there will be a lovely light feeling around us and we will both feel it. Joy upon joys.


Anji said...

Congratulations on your new found freedom. Belated Happy Birthday too

Doris said...

Thank you Anji xxx