Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Almost sticking to the diet

At long last I am nudging down through the nine stone plateau. Each day the weight varies from the start of the day to the end and has a natural bounce as one consumes drink and food and then goes to the loo. For a long while now it has bounced between nine stone one and nine stone four or five, but finally, it is bouncing between eight stone twelve and half and nine stone one.

The warrior diet has much to do with it although I have had a few extravagances what with Christmas and then quite a few long car journeys lately which have involved a fair amount of emotional eating. They may have been balanced with the new adult playground I recently discovered in our local park. There is the toddler playground with wonderful bright equipment; then there is the children's playground with a flying fox (or do they call it a zip wire these days) and a witches hat amongst other exciting equipment. Then past the bowling green and before the free to use basketball and tennis courts are the outdoor adult gym equipment.

A rowing machine and then the skiing machine, a couple of different striders and then a couple of upper body machines where you either push or pull to lift your body weight. The basketball court is a great place to do fast walking round and round the perimeter rather than have to swish by the dog walkers with their dogs taking too great an interest in me. To be fair, the dog walkers are all good and I have not had any trouble from any of the dogs, but fear is fear and I do what I can to avoid a potential situation. It is great when all the dog walkers have gone and I have the park to myself and stride round the park up and down the slopes exercising those muscles.

We are very lucky to have such a well equipped park with more developments in the pipe line. I'd like to attend the Friends of the Park meeting coming up to show my support and appreciation but it is on an evening that I work. I can see that I shall have to find an email address and send my thoughts and apologies. Off to do it now.


Anji said...

Wow! Below 9 stone. I remember those days in my youth. Congratulations!

Nothing much budging here, Rob and I went for a couple of walks yesterday as he had a day off. Your park sounds like a great place.

Doris said...

Hi Anji - as always so nice to hear from you :-)

Walking with your life partner is a lovely thing - Mr Doris and I could be doing that a whole lot more.

I'm still bouncing round that 9 stone mark so still a bit to go. I do feel better for it all but the funny thing is, I never felt even slightly fabulous when I was this weight when I was younger. That is another bonus for me ;-)

Anji said...

How true your last sentence is...