Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Blue liquorice layers

Eeeek! June is out and I didn't manage to squeeze in a quick post. Oh well. It was just to say that one thing and another I've been utterly busy and distracted. Done some good stuff and not done some other stuff. But I did manage a post on my other blog about last weekend at Sparkle.


alan said...

If that leg cramp is a result of physical activity, then it's probably has something to do with a low potassium level. Even if you take a multivitamin, we get far too little of it in our diet unless you happen to eat several bananas a day...

Thanks for stopping by; I have been caught up in quite a whirl as well, and am much further behind in my blogroll than I would like to be!


Anji said...

I don't know where June went. I think they made it shorter this year.

Debbie K said...

Dear Doris
You must have a really busy life with so much to do.
The blog world & our special friends here are so important to us but our daily life, family & friends must come first.

Sometimes a break can do you good. Besides this blogging milarcky can take up so much time before you know it & then all the housework still has to be done.

Hope you have a happy July & continue to make "Doris world" the sweetest place on the planet.


Doris said...

Thank you for mentioning the readily available banana as a possible solution! We are all caught up in our lives Alan - don't fret! And we can only get out and about on the blogs when we can. I'm sorry to hear that you have been going through all that worry about your mum.

LOL (And was a real Laugh Out Loud and not just a lol on the keyboard!) Never a truer word was said about this past month!

Debbie K
I certainly have been having a break from blogging and, like Alan, in a bit of a whirl. It is a balance with it all and sometimes it flows better and other times something has to give. Sometimes it is easier to hide in the online world and is a great refuge. I hope you are enjoying blogging and the self-expression and fulfillment it brings. I love the idea of "Doris world" being 'the sweetest place on the planet'!!! Grins all round!

Jay said...

And don't forget to balance increased potassium with DEcreased sodium! We need those things in proportion and you need less potassium if you cut down on the sodium in your diet.

I didn't post so much in June either. But I missed you - I kept looking, and nothing doing. Going to check out your other blog!!

Chandira said...

I think we're all so busy in the summer months, aren't we? I've been off too, with my dad here, and a bit too busy to stop by and say hello, even though I'm still thinking of everybody.

I think blogging is a 3 season activity..


Thursday said...

Doris, I hope your lack of blogging is due to you having a jolly good time elsewhere. Just checking.

Doris said...

Thanks ..... been otherwise engaged. Some fun (some immense fun even!) and some difficulties (have a really dodgy right arm for which I am getting physio). Still blogging and doing a lot of other things but only in my head. Doh!

Heaven knows what everyone has been up to as I haven't been to visit but I shall look forward to catching up in due course.