Thursday, 29 May 2008

Life garage

Sometimes, our cars get better care than we do. Serviced each year, they are checked over with oil washed through, exhausts and other worn items replaced, mended or cleaned. And yet our bodies, the finest engines in the world, go on for decades without any thought for servicing, coping with the abuses we throw at them from alcohol to tiredness to stress. Well, I have anyway.

A few weeks ago I went to the doctor with an issue that had arisen and once there, like a prisoner in the dock, asked for a number of other issues to be taken into consideration. Maybe I struck gold because my new doctor at my new doctors surgery seemed to have all the time in the world, or maybe I am so out of service it was about time I showed my face. She gave me over twenty whole minutes of her time and it felt great with her gently insisting "was there anything else" they could help with.

Yesterday was the first of my investigations, the original concern, and that was utterly clear and OK. And allayed connected fears that I might have had for the future on that score. So that's one down and ticked off. Next week I have a full range of blood tests, last week I had a urine test, and I'll get all those results in a couple of weeks.

As well as my body there is my mental health. The Doctor even touched on that and even though I have much to stress me concerning trying to sell house and move as well as finances and worrying about kids, I reckon I am much stronger and more in control than I feel at times. Helped by being more pro-active lately. It would help greatly that a suitable buyer came along and not only love our house but also get their finances sorted to arrange a quick purchase. Leaving us free to start again in rented property with all money earned being saved or usefully used than going in to debts here and there.

Icing on the cake would be to have a nice, affordable rented house very near son's new school (which is in an area that we couldn't afford to buy just now) and near to the little shops for a bakery and a Post Office. We'd have a driveway for off-road parking; a little garden to tend and sit out in; a main room large enough to be a living room and an office with large windows to look out on the world; large enough bedrooms and space for our books; a decent bedroom for my son to be so happy, and he could independently get to and from school and go to after school clubs such as Fencing and Basketball, and see his friends after school; a kitchen with space to eat and enjoy cooking; a conservatory or second reception for an alternative place to relax or eat and have friends over; a fabulous landlord grateful to have us nice people to stay and look after their house; and our growing bank balance enabling us to have security, buy our next house, go travelling to visit far flung family and friends and to have fun.

Oh yes, I am booked into the Life Garage and all these things are being looked at and are going to be fixed.


Josephine said...

Well I'm very glad indeed that there seems to be plenty more miles in this Doris yet. She's a well built model, extremely reliable, frugal, and capable of taking whatever you load her up with.

These days emissions are very important, and Doris's emissions are always sympathetic and worth listening to.

Under her bonnet (when she wears a bonnet!) is a deceptively powerful engine.

If you're lucky enough to have a Doris in your life, hold onto her. Their residual values actually grow!

Doris said...

Coo what an endorsement! I shall have to dine out on your affection for quite some time, and being a frugal person I shall be most careful and treasure these gems for as long as possible ;-)

Anji said...

It's good to know that you've passed your MOT. I've had regular checkups for over 10 years because my thyroid doesn't work on its own. We (the doctor and I) discovered that I am pre diabetic really early so I control that nicely though eating corectly (most of the time). i suppose what I'm saying is it is good to face up to things and get them sorted out.

Hope you find your ideal house to rent soon, your situation sounds very familiar.

Jenny said...

Room for your books! That's the main thing!

Glad to've found your excellent blog, thanks to Jay at The Depp Effect!

Doris said...

That is great to catch diabetes at the early stages. I suppose this means you can prevent it actually taking hold? And thanks for your good wishes ... I hope we get to move soon too.

Nice to meet you. I will be away for a few days now and look forward to catching up with your blog when I get back. It's great how we find each other through fellow blogs.