Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Da Do Run Run

Maybe it should more correctly be Da Do Ron Ron but this suits my purposes:

I met him on a Monday the song begins, whilst last Monday - our Bank Holiday Monday - my daughter invited me to run with her and others in a major 10k race next year. Thinking back to the moment she asked me I can not run and do not run, but the offer to do something with her was far too immense to not embrace it. I could not run for a bus and a few years back I did do a bit of training with someone and built up to about ten minutes or so of running interspersed with plenty of walking. That was a huge improvement on anything but I did not continue training and found it tough.

With the same gusto that I applied to bread making, the very next day I set off early in the morning on my own to begin a new training regime. After all I have a year to build up to 10k. It is hard to know how or why but on that very first morning I set off at a gentle jogging pace and ran continuously for a whole five minutes and then walked for 10 minutes or so to cool down. I was not out of breath. The next day I ran for a bit longer and so forth. By the fifth day I went with my daughter to a proper shop and had my running style analysed and bought the right trainers and some running socks which are a dream compared to my now scratchy sports socks.

Yesterday I began a sub 60 minute 10K training course which is free on my phone app - RunKeeper. That app is highly recommended and can be accessed online as well as on the phone complete with maps and running times and pace alerts as you are running. On Monday I ran 3km continuously and yesterday I ran 3.2km continuously in 23 minutes which was the "Slow" pace dictated by the training schedule. Today is a rest day which I shall now start to honour. Tomorrow I shall run 4.8km as part of the schedule which will be interesting and a real push but we will see. If I have to walk some of it I will.

Last Friday morning I managed to put bread on to prove and then went out for my run and then was back in again to bake bread and I was still at work by 8.45am with one of the loaves to give to someone! And I feel fantastic. Something has to go though I decided yesterday and that was the sourdough. Despite having made a creditable sourdough loaf on the weekend I really am finding it too much co-ordinating at the moment so the sourdough starters (including a back-up one in the freezer) were dashed.

With all the running, and walking - I am doing long walks after my runs in order to cool down gently, I was wondering how my Warrior diet would cope and so have been re-reading about it and have been inspired. Many sports people use the warrior diet (eating each day just in a five hour window) though I am reading that tiny fresh fruit snacks or nuts are sometimes eaten during the fasting hours, so I am good to continue. In fact exercise is the one thing I have neglected as part of the warrior diet/lifestyle. It seems my darling Mr Doris has been either inspired or put to shame as he now has the Runkeeper app on his phone too and is now cycling or running. After all my baking has continued apace and all this consumption needs to be balanced out. With my warrior diet I haven't put on any weight but dearest Mr D looks like he has been gaining a few inches.


Anji Knutsen said...

I'm impressed! Congratulations on your progress. Olivier went off on his bike on Monday with his phone set up. He discovered what a difference the wind makes to your speed.

We've come a long way since the simple podometre

Thursday said...

Is there no stopping you? You're on fire madam!

David Wench said...

I did the warrior diet thing for a little while, and I'm not going to lie it is pretty good. But I have to eat at least twice a day, I just don't like the idea of once a day huge meals, not saying that it doesn't work(lol).

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olmariso said...

Glad to hear about the run. I did wonder, with all the bread making whether you were turning cottage loaf shaped! I am attempting a triathlon in September for Breakthrough Breast Cancer in memory of our mutual friend and others.

Doris said...

Anji - We certainly have come a long way with our tech. As long as the GPS does not play up it is amazingly accurate. The first bicycle ride Mr Doris did with his app had him riding a hundred miles in 20 minutes which is a bit mad and then one run I did was in the middle of the Pacific ocean!

Thursday LOL it seems there is no stopping me. ;-)

David It does not have to be one huge meal, after all there are 5 hours to play with. There was a time when I would start the 5 hours with a "breakfast" and then move up to a main meal.

Olmariso Well done on the triathlon in the September. I thought you were already doing them which I have to say, both blew me away and inspired me when I first heard you did them. After all, if you could take up triathlons then I could take up a bit of running!

Talking of running, I did the 4.8km on Thursday and then yesterday I did 6.4km non-stop as per the training schedule. I did not plan the route very well and ended up running uphill for the last part which was unexpected and very tough. Such a great sense of achievement.

olmariso said...

No I wasn't already doing them! Or any of the 3 disciplines! Daft to try one for the first time aged 53 but, then again, I'll never be as young again as I am now ;-)
Well done on the runs - very impressive.