Thursday, 5 June 2008

A new blog is born

At the nursing stages, I have born a new blog. Up until now I have written plenty about me and situations and circumstances, and maybe snapshots into some of the people in my life but I have, hopefully, kept them discreet. Now I feel like I am coming out of the closet - not because I am going to hand over my name and address - but because I am going to be more open with my feelings about a specific person. Another blogger no less. Someone who has leaped out of the webosphere and into my life. And yet I am not talking about my darling Mr Doris who I met online 10 years ago and who is fundamental to who I am now.

The new blog is about my friendship with Jo and the feelings and experiences surrounding our friendship and the thought provoking nature of it. Friendships are like that and I have been blessed in my life with some amazing friends and each in their own way, like my husband, have had an impact on me and continue to do so. My friendship with Jo could be seen as being a bit more sensational and different because Jo was born male and is currently transitioning to a female life. What I didn't expect to get from Jo's mind churning was an appreciation of my own femininity so the name of my new blog has a double meaning. However, we have a relationship that goes beyond gender issues, where I have supported her and she has encouraged me.

A part of me wanted to keep these posts part of Doris Mash as it is important to me not to fragment off and to keep my life integrated. Another part of me, feels this subject is really important to me and too big to hide within my current blog. I want to expand on some ideas and perhaps even continue some of the gender related studies I was doing back in the 1980s! I don't know how this will pan out and don't make any promises. I'll just have to see.

So far, I have just copied over some of the posts about Jo together with the comments made at the time. I have yet to get started on actually writing and felt that an easy birth and just a little introduction was in order first.

Welcome to my new blog

PS. Jo knows that I am going to start writing about her but she doesn't yet know it is a whole new blog so that will be a bit of a surprise ;-)

PPS. I have switched comments off this post as, on this occasion only, I have duplicated this post on the new blog where comments can be made.

PPPS. Just to clarify! This blog continues in its here and there kind of way :-)