Thursday, 10 January 2008


Delicious words weaving and wrapping. Or blunt, describing deeds. Whether from the toy box or the tool box the words matter. Sumptuous confections lifting one's soul or clipped harshness smearing one's heart on bloody walls.

Mediocrity stubbornly infiltrates the gaps.

Discrete words being discreet with innuendo and possibilities.

At the ice-cream parlour of words sometimes brevity is the order, or maybe three generous scoops with all the toppings; with glace cherry and angelica adorning the moment.

Take away this hollow box with overworked laminated words bouncing around! But it is the necessary stool beneath us all, that helps to reach up to the mysterious boxes with multi-syllabic offerings that curl salaciously around tongues and lips. Pushing boundaries, enticing minds, creating smiles. And having a laugh :-D


Josephine said...

I love the way you love words Doris...the way you seem sometimes to want to bathe in them, to pick up handfuls of them and pour them all over you and let them run all over the place, in big messy pools onto the floor ;-)

No wonder you like Scrabble so much!

alan said...

Such a luciously liquid vocabulary you splash us with!


rashbre said...

Gorgeous, dripping and colourful, I must smudge the the incriminations after glancing at this lithe body of words.

Doris said...

Oh yes! What a veritable smorgasboard of verbiage. Enough to delight a dear maiden with music to her shell-like ringing long after the words had passed lips, or the finger-tips have writ. Such ecstasies uttered. Sigh ;-)

Janes Insane said...

My gawd woman!! It is reading stuff like this that makes me realize how poor my use of the English language is. pfffftttt
On a positive note, I do love your use of it.

Doris said...

Janes Insane LOL Jane, it is a load of bollocks really! ;-) But I do have fun with it on occasion. Other times I baffle myself with the stuff that comes out of my lips! Let alone what it has done to the kids as they grew up :-D

Great to see you and hope you are enjoying your blog respite.((Hugs))

Curly K said...

God darn it, you make some of us look so mundane with our boring posts Mrs!

Doris said...

LOL Curly K .... we are only as mundane as the posts we read and I read yours!

Tch! Nearly two weeks since I posted, methinks I may remedy that.