Sunday, 12 March 2006

Back on track

This post re-published December 2012

After my little derailment on Friday night I finally found that preparing lunch in our beautiful new kitchen cheered me. The house was spic and span and we were all set and not dashing round like last minute lunatics. Our visitors came and enjoyed and left. And then I slept. Hard and sound for so many hours.

Today, what was left of it by the time I awoke, was spent on the telephone checking with my mother that she was OK after yesterday's visit. I was already dreading and thinking the worse - that she was now criticising everything but she wasn't at all and she seemed quite charmed that I had taken the time and care to call her. And my other visitor was also delighted with the meeting and said something really lovely. As we sat eating at the dining table she said she had thought it was like old times but without all the problems. How lovely is that.

Once again I am feeling heartened. Our visitor - one of my mother's sisters - will be like an ambassador for my mother to the rest of the family. She may be able to help heal the rifts from so long. But it doesn't matter if nothing else more widespread comes of it, it was just positive in itself and they want to keep in contact now.

It was wonderful showing my aunty around our house and sharing the love. And we have a really clean and tidied house that should be much easier to keep up to scratch now. The kids were lovely yesterday and a great pleasure to have around and darling Mr Doris took care of all the loose ends and made cups of tea and was a great host. Naturally I am quite tickled and my bouyancy has returned. Hooray :-)


MrsDoF said...
"Blessed are the Peacemakers: for they will be called the children of the Lord." Matthew 5:9
Voices in my Head said...
i just wanted to comment becuz i clicked on "Kebab and Intrigue
on the Net" and was surprised to read your beautiful love story! i hope u dont mind if i promo it on my site--it is truly inspiring and gives one hope!
Anji said...
I'm so glad it went well and you've had some positive feedback.
doris said...
Aww thanks V, glad you found it. You are welcome to promo it. :-)
Jo said...

Well done. You deserve a huge hug -and I'm guessing Mr Doris has supplied ;-)

I can only piece together the story of your family rift from what you've revealed in posts now and then, thought I recognise some of the themes from my mother/family.

You are doing a marvellous job here, reconciling. And as long as you are feeling some benefit then that's great. Are you? Are things better for you now that a rapprochement could be underway? Or are you doing it more for others hon, in which case I'd worry a bit? You clearly care about this an awful lot and it's taking a lot out of you (even though you have a lovely shiny bathroom!).

Cheryl said...
Yay Hurray!
doris said...
Testing Cheryl's commenting thingy on her blog.....?
doris said...
Jo LOL yes I do indeed benefit with our shiny bathrooms! I also benefit from all this reconciliation in a few ways. Firstly, I can enjoy my own relationships with various extended family members without having to keep it secretive from my parents and secondly that sense of satisfaction that at least I tried. If rifts are not healed it was not for my want of trying. And thirdly I have lovely relationships with family members I wouldn't have otherwise had because they have been disappeared all these years. Come to think of it, if it wasn't for my communication bridging a few years ago my parents wouldn't now have quite a reasonable to good relationship with my brother and his family.

I reckon that for all the hiccoughs and heartache I get along the way that the outcome is actually quite good. But I too wonder what propels me and what this is all about.

Maybe there is something to that Bible passage, Blessed are the Peacemakers..... Maybe I am propelled from other forces. But I don't do any of this for the glory etc. It just feels like it is within my power to give it a go and so I do. I reckon there are other things in life in which I wouldn't bother as I couldn't be sure of a reasonably positve outcome.

Thanks Anji. The positive fedback was most encouraging.

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