Sunday, 27 October 2013

Money and taste

The Welsh Dresser arrangement has been an extreme success with positive comments from my sister and others. Best of all though is the increased space in the kitchen and the "keeping it clear and tidy" attitude I have been adopting in this part of the house.

There is a mug in our collection that reads "If the house is clean there is an assignment overdue"! Which is so true for me in that the state of my accounts is pretty woeful which is in striking comparison to the increasing order in some areas of our home. All that shifting and clearing was bound to create a vacuum in which with papers in piles and needing to be sorted my accounts were going to become a target. I tried looking for a local PA to hire and help me but for some reason my googling skills let me down. Finally, I emailed a confession to my accountant in case she knew of someone who could help. The reply was rather short and curt telling me I can not afford to hire someone and arranging an appointment for me to come in and see her. A date this coming week has been sorted and I have been told to bring in my papers from such and such a date in the dim and distant past.

Oh dear. And yet, fantastic. I have been told. Like a naughty girl I must appear before head teacher and I can not let her down. The thing is, my papers are here, there and everywhere. In purses, bags, piles, slipped in this or that nook and cranny. Unopened envelopes conceal I do not know. I am terrified and yet I want it sorted. All up to date, not just to the previous accounting year, or my case the one before that! I want to never be in this mess again. I want to earn enough to be paying tax. I want the brakes to come off and the money to flow in - I have plenty of good uses for it.

With just four days notice of the agreed appointment I have so much to go through. I can forget about trying to get it all perfect which is probably what stops me in the first place and I will just have to get something done. Meanwhile, I already had an appointment with my niece to go shopping with her which turned into a fun day out (eliminating one of my four days) culminating in making gorgeous cupcakes with cream cheese topping. It is official that in under an hour it is possible to get home and make seventeen muffin sized cupcakes, let them cool and ice them. They were delicious.Too darned easy to eat on the whole.

If only the accounts were as easy and yet, in the end, they probably will be. It is just those barriers and hurdles in one's mind that holds us up.

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