Thursday, 17 October 2013

A life of extremes

That's me, full of extremes. If I make bread then I'm up at 5 making bread. If I'm running then I'm running for miles and miles. If I've embraced a new business then I work and day and night. If I'm blogging then I blog every day. My life is littered with extremes: friendships; activities I've been involved with; navel gazing ....

Thankfully I have 14 years of happy marriage behind me; stayed with my current career for the past three or so years; and have some friends left.

That's it! I'm keeping this short and sweet. Last night I prepared my first loaf of bread in some weeks and shortly I will pop it into the baking tin to warm and rise. I'll pop on my runners and do a shortish run to get back into the swing of it. I'll do a little of some of all those other things I have been recently been juggling on the basis that at least a little is better than nothing. Then am off to work this afternoon until 8pm.

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