Saturday, 19 October 2013

Dear Dr Michael Mosley

We are allowed to change our minds and to review and grow as we learn more but please consider how much contradictory information you are prepared to be aligned with in your multitude of TV programmes in the last 18 months alone. When more people realise, this could severely damage any respect one might have had for your name and involvement in projects.

In no particular order there was a programme on eating styles which demonstrated that eating a full and substantial breakfast was essential and beneficial to your day and to your body long term.

There was a programme, followed up by your own co-authored book concerning the Fast Diet, that investigated existing studies in the US regarding modes of fasting. As part of that programme you found that there were demonstrable beneficial effects on the body from fasting such as lowering of cholesterol. (However, I do not understand how the idea of regular fasting somehow was sidelined into the 5:2 diet of eating two smaller meals or grazing during the day as this truly did not put the body into fasting mode which switched it from growth mode to repair mode, thereby repairing cholesterol levels amongst other things.)

And now, that I know of, the latest programme "Trust me I'm a Doctor" interviewed two doctors with opposing views on the use of statins in the relatively healthy which are intended to reduce cholesterol levels and therefore the chance of heart attack. After discussions with both on the various problems or merits of statins, you summarised with your personal view that you would rather take statins than not with just one very brief reference that diet and lifestyle was the alternative to taking statins.

Just like that you completely undermined the role of diet and lifestyle which you had been part of  promoting so loud and proud in the last twelve months. It rather sounded like you have been paid by the drug industry and makes me wonder what you will be paid to say next.

I'll leave that with you to ponder and would welcome any views from anyone on the subject.

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TARFU said...

Oh well said! My thoughts exactly.