Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Snappedy de do da

Yesterday 18 year old son did not snap at me. Not once. He smiled. He talked. He shared. He even answered a question. All before going out to work in the morning. I sit here typing almost with bated breath - will he emerge this morning as Mr Jekyll or Mr Hyde?

On the other hand, 23 year old daughter who has been so so lovely of late, and was admittedly suddenly struck down by a bad throat yesterday, and for whom I had really pushed the boat out by driving across the country the day before to rescue her because the UK train network sucks and she needed to be at her job by a certain time, was so unnecessarily short tempered with me. Very snappy on what could otherwise have been a momentous day.

Yesterday, I went down the road to do piano practise and had an impromptu lesson before late shift work. Both hands are working together, albeit simple notes, and it feels great. Had the first black key yesterday which was F ♯, otherwise known as G ♭. That was just an accidental note in a short piece. The next practise piece was in the key of G Major which means it has F ♯ but then, bizarrely, did not have any F ♯ which I had just "learned". What is that teaching book trying to do? Starts to tell you about these lovely licquorice notes you get to stroke and then tells you in this first piece where they are not accidentals that you are not to play any. I am puzzled.


Doris said...

Wahey!!! 8.30am and son has left early for work and he was once again quite civil. He even cracked a joke and I laughed and he laughed. I am in an alternative reality.... the aliens have landed and taken over my child for the better.

Anji said...

It puts you on edge, doesn't it? Long may it last.Seriously, the lovely child you once knew is in there somewhere.

I've discovered that things that came easily so many years ago just don't work the same way anymore. Good luck with the lessons

Doris said...

Thanks Anji on both scores for your encouragement. Son has continued most pleasant this week, whilst daughter has finally dropped me a text and been pleasant too, explaining her absence on being busy. There was me, silly me, thinking she had suddenly had enough and didn't want owt to do with me!