Friday, 23 November 2012

Piano Playing

And just like that, I am learning the piano. Again. It is years since I have played with both hands and decades since I had lessons as an adult. Starting again from scratch feels great. A sense of jubilation as first the right hand plays some notes and then the left hand plays, one after the other in time and notes correctly picked. My teacher plays the jolly accompaniment and I feel like I have achieved much being part of this music making.

We do not have a piano nor space for one, then I recall that in my lifetime I have bought and owned two pianos and ended up giving both away.


Anji said...

I would love to learn how to play the piano; the girls next door gave us lessons when we were children. I learnt to play the 'cello for 4 years at school, I really regret giving it up

Doris said...

Hi Anji

Ooo I played the cello too at school for just a couple of years, if that. Although mine was a small cello there was a size issue as the cello was still as big as me and I had to carry it every time to and from school on the London buses. It was not easy!

My attitude to the piano playing, as with most things these days, is "What is stopping me?". Who knows how long I will stick with it and meanwhile it is most satisfying. As the piano is down the road and I have to make the effort to go play, it somehow makes it more of a treasure to be able to do.

One of the other things I would like to do is to sing ... no-one ever encourages me to sing which I wonder why ... however give me time on that one ;-) I just remember, I did join a Can't sing choir a few years back and that was great. Hmm.

Anji said...

One of my ladies who comes for English conversation took up piano lessons to celebrate her 80th birthday.

I might have known you were a 'cello player too; funny how I seem to gravitate towards them.

Doris said...

God toknow that it is never too late, ever!

LOL about the cello playing - we are such cool dudes! ;-) For me it used to be people with Leo birthdays that I would gravitate to. Now I am not sure there is any pattern.

Doris said...

Or even "Good" rather than "God"!