Friday, 16 November 2012


Sat here eating a substantial healthy breakfast (1) at my desk .... shortly needing to switch off (2) to wash and shower for work .... solid clients (3) from 9am to gone 2pm with not a break (4) .... back home to help Mr Doris buy a 50th gift (5) for his brother .... need to take it easy tonight so I have the energy for all the socialising this weekend: a 50th tomorrow on the other side of the country and a 65th on Sunday back here. Such a social butterfly! LOL

  1. I do healthy these days, big style. From chia seeds to Acerola cherry juice to pomegranates which are currently four for 99p in Aldi! I even tried making my own peanut butter using a small herb grinder. It was a tad gritty and industrial as I over roasted the peanuts (64p from Aldi) and didn't remove all the red skins but I know exactly what is in it: from 200g of raw peanuts yielded 196g peanut butter which had just a little splash of olive oil added and barely a couple of pinches of salt. I'm looking forward to the next batch in a week or so - need to pace myself. This morning I had an avocado (50p from Lidl) sliced with the squeeze from a dried up lemon knocking around and pepper; with two slices of wholemeal toast with homemade peanut butter; two satsumas (bags were recently 69p from Aldi); and a weak black tea. I went for the slight caffeine on account of my day ahead.

  2. We used to only use standby. Mr Doris had assured me it cost nothing..... hmm! That myth is so busted. Shut down and off is where it is at these days. Not off at the wall, just at the equipment.

  3. Clients are at the clinic I work at so I am paid just a bare minimum. However, my boss has been amazing and put me through all sorts of training I could not have otherwise accessed and excitingly I am currently helping to trial out a new machine.  Busyness means clients which means employment which means higher pay.

  4. Modern day working laws in this country seem non-existent. If I can grab even a glass of water over the five hour period is down to me - as long as I tell a client to please hold on while I do so. Or if there is a gap but then at those times there is so much to be done including cleaning the room down before the next client. I tell you, we are probably more hygienic than a UK hospital!

  5. We live in a lovely small town with its own delicatessen. So I will help Mr Doris to choose some treats to go into a hamper and also some beers from the specialist ale shop. Mr Doris does not drink and he would have to rely on just the pretty pictures to guide him - at least I have drunk and enjoyed the real ales in the past and can give a convincing argument for one beer or the other!

I really must dash - the countdown had begun.


Anji said...

Your work part should be over by now. I don't know what chia seeds are, I'll have to get Googling.

I love avacado, we get them for around $2 for 6. I buy them while they are still hard so I can guzzle them over a week.

Are you sure you aren't sharing my husband? They seem to be very similar reading your last post and now you have to guide him in choosing beer. Mine would go for the pretty labels too.

Have a great weekend!

Anji said...

I meant £2

Doris said...

LOL Anji at the dollar mix-up ... you are so multi-national :-D

That's a fab price for avocadoes. I'd eat more if we could get them that low. Trouble is, they come in cheap for this country and then never properly ripen and then suddenly go too far. If only they had an indicator on the outside that showed when they were ripe to open!

Work went very well thanks as did the shopping expedition. We found some very pretty labels indeed!

Have a lovely weekend too.

Astryngia said...

I think we do have laws, especially regarding breaks and having a sit-down, your employers are just ignoring them!

Doris said...

I think, although I haven't double-checked lately, but under a certain number of hours worked there is nothing. Our apprentice HAS to have her half hour break (from sitting around) because she is in longer hours, but not us doing five hour shifts and working our butts off in that time. It is the nature of the beauty industry to have appointments booked in one after the other with no room for when extra time is needed. And as I always like to give good value then my appointments are always up to the line.

It is not that I am suddenly justifying the practice as I very much malign the modern loopholes.