Friday, 23 May 2008

The pace of life

Taking the gentle road brings some lovely views:

So lovely, that I had to get out and smell the morning air and listen to the birdsong:
(that's if video uploading works on here!)

Seems that traveling at 50mph or less makes a dramatic difference to fuel consumption and to one's nerves.


Doris said...

I don't know what happened to the video ... maybe it works for some people and not others?

Josephine said... for me :-) How did you do that honeybun?

The new Slow Doris...? Sounds like a fluffy South American tree dwelling animal ;-)

Doris said...

As well as uploading photos there is a film clip icon and you can upload movies ... just follow the instructions.

(But I couldn't get it to work and not knowing what that was about thought maybe the format from my phone was not correct so I edited it in some film editing software I have and exported it in different formats and tried them out. They still didn't work but next day worked fine so maybe it was a browser/cache issue at my end and nothing more and I needn't have gone to the extra effort.)

Oi you!!! Not so sure about being referred to as a "a fluffy South American tree dwelling animal"! LOL Sounds a bit too cute! But maybe it might grow on me? :-D

Anji said...

A lovely little winding road at the end, very tempting to follow to see where it leads...

Doris said...

LOL that winding road was track to a private house and I had already entered the property boundaries by coming a few feet down from the road to take the picture. Otherwise, yes, it is tempting to find out where little roads and tracks lead :-)