Sunday, 11 May 2008

Been busy

As I scan through my mini-list of things I needed to do in the last few days I have ticked off quite a few items that have been waaaay overdue. There are a few more things to do on that list but for some reason I am here blogging instead. Malingering and avoidance.

Not good.

On the other hand, I have eight items ticked off. Eight whole items. Worth a brownie point or two in the scheme of things rather than kicking myself for what I haven't yet done. If I was to think of it, I know there are other things that didn't make it to that list ..... from the dark and dusty recesses of my conscious always waiting in the background to attack and reprimand me. So maybe I'll do another list in a few days and see what gets added to that, and tick off a few more items.

That is good.

In the last week there were moments when I stood on the edge of a great precipice and decided not to fall into its grasp. That I wasn't going to be swallowed up in wallowing self-pitying mud that sticks inside the crevices and needs to be scrubbed out. Side-stepping the depths I wrote my list and got on. But someone was laughing at me this week because a visual migraine was slapped upon me and wiped out one whole day and left the next marred. It is now a glorious Sunday morning: the windows have been thrown open; the plants watered before delighting in my frothy coffee and warm croissants made by an adoring hubby; the music is playing loud through the slimline speakers and I am about to tackle another item or two on my list.

Oh glorious day, I can do anything.


Anji said...

A croissant making hubby! How did you get hold of one of those?

I'm quite good at lists but I always manage to lose them somehow. Hope your Sunday continues to be as lovely as it started.

Josephine said...

You can do anything!!!

"I am strong
I am invincible
I am woman!"


Fling the windows wide, stretch out your arms and go for it! I feel that way too today :-)

(Croissant making hubby is definitely good news, I think I need me one too when the time comes! Good croissants to!)

Jay said...

Yes, you need to look on the positive side - rather than beating yourself up for what didn't get done, keep looking at the credit side of the equation!

Croissants from hubby? Oh, I think he gets a Brownie point or two as well!

alan said...

Been trying not to step off any cliffs here as would be very easy right now!

Glad you are proceeding through life one checkmark at a time, being able to look back and smile at your accomplishments!


Jo said...

Thanks for your kind comments on my blog :)

I'm now off to find myself a man who can make me croissants. How divine is that?

Brad said...

To do lists kill me. Croissants make me smile. Oooh, also, I'm pretty sure I first head of that guy Jake's blog toomuchinfo through you (he's the guy that did all that weird stuff). Anyway, it seems to have come alive again. It's called Thought you'd like to know. And now it is I who shares for once...

Neutron said...

List making is my last resort before having to do something...but I am now working on making a list of the lists I have to make.

and as for croissant making/bringing hubbies...I could put up with that...well, maybe

Doris said...

Sorry not to reply sooner ..... I've been having one of those manic weeks. Hence my latest post! And so sorry I haven't been surfing and catching up ....

I did score lucky on the hubby front ;-) That Sunday was particularly lovely thank you. It might have gone manic in places subsequently but it was joyous for that moment.

LOL Yes, we are strong, we are invincible, we are woman! You better believe it girl!

Since that Sunday I have achieved a lot and that feels real good. I like the idea of credit sides of equations.

it is a strange feeling when things feel so precarious and yet other times we can swim or fly along with ease. Urgh really!

Dear new Jo .... you are so kind popping by. I look forward to visiting your blog again on occasion and want you to know that I am sending happy smiles your way. Enjoy the spending!!!

Do I really know you? Usually autobot spamming devices don't write relevant comments which is why I haven't just deleted your comment!!! Of course, mega apologies if I am being absolutely rude to a blogger under a new name that I used to have contact with.... but I really can't see myself going for Zoomdoggle somehow!

LOL at the idea of the lists of lists .... but you know it ain't so silly? A way to prioritise maybe? And I suppose in the same way as everyone (including women) could do with a good wife then why not share the idea of a croissant making hubby ;-)

(((Hugs to all you lovely people)))