Thursday, 17 April 2008

Wanna be adored?

Jay of The Depp Effect is playing around with words which is a meme she found elsewhere on the blog trail, originally from Booking Through Thursday. This meme might be a tad old, but it is Thursday today!

The idea is to ‘pick up the nearest book and turn to page 123′. Write down the first and last sentences on that page and connect them together with some new writing.

Most of our books are still in boxes for "the big move" when that finally happens which leaves only a selection of more eclectic non-fiction books on the shelves. Therefore, doing the first book that came to hand was not an option as I need to be impassioned and not bored to tears by the whole idea. So here goes, a completely different re-write as there is no way I can really read what happens between these two sentences from page 123 of "The Science of High Explosives" by Melvin A Cook, 1963. Not to be confused with the likes of Practical Bomb Making found online by day to day terrorists.

Nonideal detonation is associated in general with a finite reaction-zone length a or a finite reaction time r. He loved it when his wife spoke dirty to him. Using interesting and complicated words linked together with a reasonable amount of logic. But tonight she was on to a corker talking about high explosives as their bodies melded together and moved to a passionate rhythm. The moment was electric and took what had become a perfunctory activity done so many times before into the realms of, well, high explosives!

He adored his wife with her wide knowledge of life and the universe and her way with words. He would do anything for her, and often did. Making sure she was the happiest she could be by remembering all those small daily details such as replenishing the chocolate supply in the car door for all her driving, making her frothy coffee and warmed croissants each morning, or touching her in the right way to make sure that her body and mind felt fulfilled. Yes, he knew he was the luckiest man around as the words continued to gently bubble from her lips with a delicious musicality massaging his aural receptors. As she uttered the final line, her voice slowed to an allagando pace with each syllable hitting a nerve desiring more, releasing the final equation through the rippling after shocks as his hot sweaty body clung to hers with gratitude, immense love and honour: Then, using an expression for the ideal detonation velocity D*, he obtained the equation (D*/D)2 = 1 + 2.25 ((r1)4 - 1)


P.S. (D*/D)2 = 1 + 2.25 ((r1)4 - 1) reads "D star over D all squared equals 1 plus 2.25 multiplied by r1 to the power of 4 take away 1"

Let me know if you do this meme and I'll come read!


Steg said...

Damn, it's getting hot in here!

I'll try this tomorrow if I remember.....

Jay said...

ROFL! Wow, Doris, I LOVE it! Perfect combination of funny and sexy - and a very creative slant on physics indeed!

Thanks for the hat-tip!

Anji said...

We've got a hard act to follow...

Thanks for putting me in touch with Jo.

Doris said...

LOL and I thought it was just me feeling the heat!

Now Steggy ..... having just read some of your prose (I never realised you had a whole 'nother blog of it) I am taken aback. Some of them are so beautiful, with some fabulous sequences of words that just speak to my soul. I wonder if you will get round to doing this "meme" and would love it if you did.

Hee-hee! Glad you liked it and thanks for the inspiration.

So glad that you too have connected with Jo :-)

Josephine said...

I could never better this!!! You really have set the bar high honey!!! I'll have a think my talented friend!!