Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Revealing all

Oh, just one thing and another, I had good reason to be fiddling around creating avatars and diversified into a bit of fun. Created using the avatar maker on simpsonsmovie.com and then a bit of tweaking in PaintShop.

This is my family. I'm the one with green hair, Mr Doris has blue hair, 14 year old son looks pretty much as he does in real life with a big afro and an even bigger smile, and 18 year old daughter looking uber cool (which is her essence) in pink hair.



Jay said...

I love it!! I must go play with that.

I wonder what colour hair I'll end up with ... ?

alan said...

I can only imagine what color my lack of hair will draw...


Anji said...

What a beautiful bunch you are!

Doris said...

Certainly colourful in all senses ;-)

The beauty is that you can choose to have what you want from a few threads to a Marge Simpson!


Josephine said...

This is soooooo good!!

Having met you all, yes I can confirm the Doris Family do all look like this!! Ish